Perineuronal nets (bright green) surround particular neurons (blue). Fluorescence labelling reveals just how detailed these structures are.  (Phoebe Mayne, UQ)

University of Queensland research may explain why vitamin D is vital for brain health, and how deficiency leads to disorders including depression and schizophrenia.

20 February 2019
UQ researchers and research supervisors have been recognised for their outstanding contributions in a range of fields at the 2018 UQ Research Week awards

A roll-call of high calibre researchers and research supervisors has been recognised for outstanding contributions in a range of fields at The University of Queensland 2018 Research Week awards.

12 September 2018

The University of Queensland has recognised staff members and teams in the 2017 UQ Awards for Excellence.

7 June 2017
UQ's new Laureate Fellows - Professor Alan Rowan, left, and Professor Paul Burn

The University of Queensland has received $24.5 million in the competitive Australian Research Council grants announced in Canberra today, securing a greater share of the pool than any other university.

6 May 2016

Eleven University of Queensland researchers have been honoured as international leaders in their fields at a ceremony today.

13 April 2010

Professor Emeritus Thomas Shapcott AO is one of Australia’s major poets and a distinguished administrator.

30 November 2009

Promising new University of Queensland research projects have the potential to revolutionise a diversity of industries, including healthcare, security, chemical, horticulture, energy and electronics.

16 June 2009

UQ dominated at the 2008 Australian University Games in Melbourne last month, winning the athletics crown for the 10th successive year.

18 November 2008

The University of Queensland today received $31 million in National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Project Grants, confirming its position as the state’s top research institution.

16 October 2008

University of Queensland scientists will fly a baby rocket at Woomera, South Australia in early October this year to test new systems ahead of next year’s full-scale scramjet engine experimental flights.

14 September 2004

Experiencing zero-gravity in a NASA aircraft dubbed the “vomit comet” in the company of Australian astronaut Dr Andy Thomas would be a dream come true for any engineering student.

28 May 2002

University of Queensland graduate and 1996 Nobel Prize winner Professor Peter Doherty will give his ideas on The role of the public university at a free public lecture at 6.30pm on Friday, August 24. The lecture at Customs House follows the 5....

17 August 2001

The University of Queensland will hold a graduation ceremony on July 21 for Year 12 students who have participated in the Enhanced Studies Program in semester one, 2000.

18 July 2000

Julie Webb has not let blindness prevent her from becoming one of the top achieving medallists of the 63 students awarded University of Queensland medals for outstanding scholarship at graduation ceremonies at Mayne Hall, St Lucia on May 18 and May...

15 May 1998