ilab Germinate 2012 graduate Mr Calvin Kowald from Ample Entertainment.

Budding entrepreneurs can grow their business ideas from seed, with ilab’s intensive three-month ilab Germinate 6 program, which includes up to $20,000 in funding.

1 October 2014
Researchers make ‘virtual’ changes to identify if particular treatments will improve a patient’s ability to move more freely

University of Queensland researchers are using computer modelling to predict the most effective way to help cerebral palsy patients walk and move more easily. ...

30 September 2014
Photo of crashing waves

Coastal councils and planning authorities will be able to more accurately predict the chance of communities being inundated by the ocean as sea levels rise.

30 September 2014
Image of books here

More than 40,000 students from around the world have started a grammar course at The University of Queensland – and it’s not too late to join them.

29 September 2014
New hay fever blood test nothing to sneeze at

Brisbane researchers have developed a blood test that can accurately detect one of the commonest causes of hay fever, paving the way for new treatments.

29 September 2014
Vicki Bos with the ICTE-UQ choir

Two University of Queensland staff have been awarded top industry accolades for outstanding English language teaching, leadership and professional practice.

26 September 2014

The University of Queensland’s teachers and lecturers have been recognised as among the best in Australia, receiving four Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in the 2014 Australian Awards for University Teaching.

26 September 2014
Psychologist Dr Frank Ascione will speak at a free public seminar at UQ. Photo Credit: Wayne Armstrong, University of Denver.

Research indicating women stay in violent relationships for the good of their pets will be the focus of a free seminar in Brisbane on Monday 29 September.

25 September 2014
Phytomining offers to literally extract nickel metal from plants. Here Sukaibin Sumail of Sabah Parks in Malaysia collects green nickel-rich sap (20% nickel) from a rainforest tree for laboratory analysis.

Future generations of miners could harvest metals from trees, capitalising on the ability of some plants to isolate and accumulate metals in their shoots.

25 September 2014
Dr Barry Cayford, who completed his PhD at UQ, at work on sewer research

A University of Queensland-led research team that is radically improving sewer design and management last night won a prestigious international prize in Portugal.

25 September 2014
Students at UQ will have greater choice in quality affordable accommodation

Students at The University of Queensland will have greater choice in quality affordable accommodation, with plans for two new sustainable housing developments on the UQ St Lucia campus by 2018.

25 September 2014

A raw and engaging coming-of-age story about the highs and lows of adolescence and the consequences of family tragedy is brought to life in Sandy Feet, the latest offering from The University of Queensland Press.

24 September 2014
Professor Carolyn Mountford will be the new TRI CEO from February 2015.

A leading expert in the areas of cancer, chronic pain and head injuries will be the new CEO and Director of Research for the Translational Research Institute (TRI).

23 September 2014
A mantis shrimp's compound eyes are 'superbly tuned' to detect polarised light. Image: Roy Caldwell

Mantis shrimp eyes are inspiring the design of new cameras that can detect a variety of cancers and visualise brain activity.

22 September 2014
AIBN has bought a $275,000 high performance parallel computer cluster to support research.

The University of Queensland is one step closer to developing better mobile phone battery life, understanding the engineering of vaccines and creating stem cell therapies for Parkinson’s disease.

22 September 2014
Dr Mark Loane will present at UQ's prestigious Errol Solomon Meyers Memorial Lecture 2014.

Dr Mark Loane has captained the Wallabies and tackled eye problems in the dusty outback – and this week he will blitz The University of Queensland (UQ) prestigious Errol Solomon Meyers Memorial Lecture 2014.

22 September 2014

The University of Queensland’s research strengths in social science have been recognised by the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA), who extended fellowship to three UQ researchers this week.

19 September 2014
The motion study used by QBI researchers.

Birds have been found to display superior judgement of their body width compared to humans, in research to help design autonomous aircraft navigation systems.

19 September 2014

University of Queensland researchers won two of five Scopus Young Researcher awards and placed in two other categories at a celebration of academic research excellence in Canberra yesterday (18 September).

19 September 2014
Gemini North observatory, on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, shoots a laser beam into the night sky to create an ‘artificial star’.

A supermassive black hole discovered in an ultracompact dwarf galaxy has prompted researchers to question if similar massive light-sucking objects may be far more common than previously believed.

18 September 2014