7 June 2017

The University of Queensland has recognised staff members and teams in the 2017 UQ Awards for Excellence.

The annual awards pay tribute to staff who have been at the forefront of notable achievements that reflect and support the University’s mission and values.

Categories acknowledge individual and team contributions to enhance innovation, service, equity and diversity, wellness and safety, and leadership. 

The awards, open to all UQ staff, acknowledge accomplishments and leadership behaviour across all levels of the university, regardless of position or professional or academic area. Further information is available here.

UQ 2017 Award for Excellence in Innovation:
This award recognises and celebrates individuals or teams who have implemented innovative, effective workplace practices and initiatives, including the development of new systems that improve UQ’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Team Award: Online Applications Project Team –  Mr Steven Goodwin, Mrs Melinda Rettke, Mr Alex Rohan, Mr Greg Harrison, Mr Brett Crunkhorn, Mr Sam Silva, Mr Chris Scanlan, Ms Maree Mason, Mr Tiju Thomas, Mr Chris Colborne, Mrs Blossom Cervantes and Ms Rebecca Smith.

Individual Award: Mr Adam Nielsen, Information Technology Services.

First commendation: The Carving a history: a guide to the Great Court team – Ms Camille Layt, Ms Rebecca Everett, Mr Paul Thomas, Mr Craig Oddy, Ms Suzanne Parker, Ms Katrina Shimmin-Clarke, Ms Jennifer McLeod, Ms Tanya Ziebell, Ms Kathryn Kerswell, Mr Steven Lascelles.

Second commendation: Property and Facilities Energy Management Team – Mr Andrew Wilson, Dr Carlos Fujita Dimas, Mr Neil Brown, Mr Jackson Ball, Mr Harrison Zhou, Mr Ivan Forero Estupinan, Mr Adrian Mengede, Ms Danielle Shaffer.

UQ Award for Excellence in Service:
This award recognises and celebrates individuals and teams that have made an outstanding and significant contribution to delivering excellence in service to students, staff and/or the wider community.

Team Award: Academic Services Division Domestic Admissions Team – Ms Melissa Cross, Ms Saige Masson, Mr Greg Ferris, Mr Clive McKeown, Mrs Tamalee Robbins, Ms Stevie-Lee Lovejoy, Ms Sarah Rochford, Ms Rachel Scott, Miss Candice Meyer, Mrs Fiona Brandis-Dalton.

Individual Award: Ms Esther Fink, Faculty of EAIT

First commendation: HASS Student Administration Team – Ms Leanne Smith, Miss Melissa Vickery, Mr Christopher Burke, Mr John Hughes, Mr Mark Holland, Mr Jordan Butler, Ms Laura Aberdeen, Ms Jill Wardropper, Ms Jessica Pryde.

Second commendation: UQ Gatton Vocational Education Centre Corrective Services Project Delivery Team – Dr Carmelo Galea, Mr Mark Pace, Mr Chris Clausen, Mr Glenn van Emmerick, Mrs Gina Sharp, Mrs Lisa Noffke, Ms Dianne Palmer, Ms Hope Young-Barney.

Also commended: Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology IT Department Team – Mr Paul Watson, Mr Luke Eppell, Mr Nathan Boyd, Mr Jaleel Yusia, Mr Rodney Weatherall; Mr Chris Barnett, Institute for Molecular Bioscience; Ms Majella Ferguson, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences;  Ms Sharon York, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences.

UQ Award for Excellence in Equity and Diversity

This award recognises and celebrates outstanding effort made by individuals or teams in promoting equity and diversity within UQ and the wider community.

Team Award: UQ Young Achievers Program Team – Ms Tillie Walsh, Ms Coralee Jeffrey, Ms Kristy Wylie, Mr James Tierney, Mr Gareth Clark, Mr Andrew Cockerill, Ms Shaina Allen-Ankins, Ms Savannah Stoke, and Ms Tess Van Der Veen.

UQ Award for Excellence in Wellness and Safety

This award recognises and celebrates the contributions of staff who have implemented innovative and exciting ideas which contribute to the wellness and safety of people at UQ.

Team Award: Behavioural Response of Australian Humpback Whales to Seismic Surveys (BRAHSS[FC1] ) Project Team – Associate Professor Michael Noad, and Dr Rebecca Dunlop.

Individual Award: Ms Vicki McNabb, Occupational Health and Safety

First commendation: Implementation of UQ Safe-Incident Team – Dr Amanda Jones, Dr Paul Lovelock, Mr Marshall Butterworth, Mr Gerard Ross, Mr Tony Lam, and Ms Leanne Ritchie.

UQ Excellence in Leadership Award

This award recognises and celebrates exemplary leadership which helps to create a positive, performance-based culture and contributes to the achievements of the university. Such leadership may be demonstrated by staff at any level of the organisation.

Individual Award: Associate Professor Philip Bodman, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.

Team Award: eLearning Team – Dr Simon Collyer, Mr Paul Dutton, Mr Nathan La Burniy, Mr Gary Smith, Miss Stephanie David, Mr Michael Luyten, Mrs Elizabeth Wardrop, Ms Ksenia Savin, Ms Ailsa Dickie, and Ms Eva Cegielka.

First commendation: Queensland Brain Institute Advancement and Communications Team – Ms Mikaeli Costello, Dr Nicholas Valmas, Dr Alan Woodruff, Dr Lavinia Codd, Mrs Katherine Robbins, Ms Carolyn Barry, Ms Donna Lu, Ms Andrea Markey, and Ms Jessica McGaw.

Second commendation: Oral Health Alliance Team – Mr Mika Hayward, Mr Anthony Lennon, Mr Simon Thomas, Mr Todd O’Connell, Mr Dan Moradian, Mr Stephen Ross, Mr Kevin O’Sullivan, Mr Peter Greenwood, Mr Neil Taylor, Mr Darren Ehrlich, Mr Ben Baldwin, Mr Greg Conrick, Mrs Tricia Williams, Mrs Chelse Dunne, Mrs Cristy Sun, Mrs Amelia Stuckey, Ms Stacey Vogel, Ms Julie Waldron, Ms Ann-Maree Waugh, Ms Julie Morrish, Ms Jane Malloch, and Ms Niti Prakesh.

Other  commendations: Professor Peter Soyer, UQ Diamantina Institute; Associate Professor Victor Galea, School of Agricultural and Food Sciences;  Dr Sandra Hall, Advanced Water Management Centre.

Media: UQ Communications, communications@uq.edu.au, 07 3346 7086.