13 April 2010

Eleven University of Queensland researchers have been honoured as international leaders in their fields at a ceremony today.

As part of Thomson Reuters’ ISI Highly Cited rankings, eight UQ researchers have been named as Highly Cited Researchers. Three of these scientists join a further three UQ researchers who have had their research named as Hot Papers.

The Highly Cited category is a prestigious ranking that tracks the most highly cited researchers in subject categories such as life sciences, engineering and social sciences.

UQ’s researchers join an elite club of less than half of one percent of all published researchers in the world and are recognised as one of the 250 top authors in their field.

The Highly Cited researchers are:
• Professor Wayne Hall
• Professor Graeme Hammer
• Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
• Professor Max Lu
• Professor Geoff McLachlan
• Professor John Saunders
• Adjunct Professor John Skerritt
• Professor Robert Henry (incoming Director of the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation)

Hot Papers highlights individual papers published by researchers that have an immediate impact in their field, reflected by rapid and significant numbers of citations. These papers are often key papers in their fields.
The Hot Papers are:
• Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg’s 2007 paper: “Coral reefs under rapid climate change and ocean acidification” (Climate Change)
• Dr Karyn Jonhson’s 2008 paper: “Wolbachia and Virus Protection in Insects” (Microbiology)
• Professor Graeme Hammer’s 2009 paper: “Can Changes in Canopy and/or Root System Architecture Explain Historical Maize Yield Trends in the US Corn Belt?” (Agricultural Sciences)
• Professor Mark Blows’ 2005 paper: “A reassessment of genetic limits to evolutionary change” (Evolutionary Change)
• Professor Gaoqing (Max) Lu’s 2008 paper: “Anatase TiO2 single crystals with a large percentage of reactive facets" (Materials Science)
• Associate Professor Christine Beveridge’s 2009 paper: “Interactions between Auxin and Strigolactone in Shoot Branching Control” (Plant Biology)

Highly Cited researcher, and UQ’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Max Lu said he and his UQ colleagues were honoured to be recognised in this way.

“This international recognition highlights the strength and quality of research being conducted here at UQ,” Professor Lu said.

“In our Centenary year, when we are celebrating 100 years of achievement, we are also setting the stage for the next 100 years of world-leading research.”

"On a personal level this is also very satisfying for me, as it shows that the work of myself and my team is having a significant scholarly impact in the field of materials science around the world.”

The ceremony was also used to also recognise a range of other leading UQ researchers who have been named as the University’s Prestige Fellows.

Prestige Fellows are some of UQ’s top researchers and include ARC Laureate Fellows and Federation Fellows, NHMRC Australia Fellows, Senior Clinical Research Fellows (funded by Queensland Health) and Smart State Premier’s Fellows.

Media: Andrew Dunne at UQ Communications (07 3365 2802, 0433 364 181).

UQ Prestige Fellows:

ARC Laureate Fellows
Professor Jennifer Martin, Professor Peter Mumby

NHMRC Australia Fellows
Professor Wayne Hall, Professor Matthew Cooper, Professor Robert Parton, Professor Wendy Hoy

Current ARC Federation Fellows
Professor John Quiggin, Professor Gerard Milburn, Professor Peter Koopman, Professor Paul Burn, Professor David Fairlie, Professor Hugh Possingham, Professor Andrew White, Professor Graeme Turner, Professor Guifre Vidal, Assoc Prof Bostjan Kobe, Professor John Mattick

Past ARC Federation Fellows
Professor Alan Mark, Professor Matt Trau, Professor Anton Middelberg, Professor Perry Bartlett, Professor Kevin Burrage, Professor Paul Griffiths, Professor Michael Nielsen, Professor Max Lu

Senior Clinical Research Fellows (funded by Queensland Health)
Professor Peter Sly, Professor David Paterson, Professor Thomas Marwick

Smart State Premier's Fellows
Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Professor Srini Srinivasan, Professor Ian Frazer