A male Wallum sedgefrog. Photo by Ed Meyer

Sunshine Coast residents are being asked to tune in to the sounds of a local threatened frog population to help preserve the local biodiversity.

6 December 2017
Professor Alex Haslam

Most terrorists are not psychopaths or sadists, nor are they people who would necessarily be inclined to shoot a gun or plant a bomb.

31 March 2016
San Diego Zoo ambassador Ric Schwartz and UQ’s Dr Bill Ellis with a koala participating in the radio tracking study.  Credit: Ken Bohn – San Diego Zoo.

A team of international scientists has tracked the love lives of koalas, uncovering some curious behaviours and finding that male koalas make their distinct bellows to avoid confrontation with competitors.

9 July 2015
The University of Queensland has a range of experts available for media comment on G20 issues.

The University of Queensland has a range of experts available to comment on issues being discussed by worldwide leaders at Brisbane’s upcoming G20 summit.

13 November 2014

Something strange is happening within the world-famous pitch drop experiment with the latest drop forming much faster than the last couple of drops. There have been nine drops so far and all attention is now on trying to observe the tenth,...

10 November 2014

Humanities researchers at the University of Queensland are on course to launch eight books in seven weeks, a record number of releases in such a short time.

27 March 2012

UQ staff members and teams who have made an exceptional contribution to the University were recognised this month at the annual UQ Staff Recognition Awards.

23 February 2012
Professors Robert Lingard, Mark Western, Stephen Bell and Andrew McLennan

Four of Australia's leading social scientists, have been elected Fellows of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia – one of the highest honours for individual contributions to the social sciences awarded in Australia.

2 November 2011

Power in all its forms will be discussed at an upcoming conference held at The University of Queensland from November 23–25.

7 June 2011

The University of Queensland has maintained its position for having Australia’s best teachers, adding three more national teaching awards to its portfolio.

13 October 2009

With a large number of baby boomers about to retire from the public service, the need for skilled policy and governance specialists has never been greater.

11 November 2008

The University of Queensland's increasing focus on quality teaching has been highlighted at its 20th annual teaching awards.

27 October 2008

All of the family can enjoy the facilities of UQ SPORT for free when the third annual Energise Brisbane event takes place this Sunday.

11 September 2007

Six UQ Ipswich students have been awarded business scholarships at the campus scholarships and prizes award ceremony held yesterday at Ipswich.

27 April 2007

University of Queensland students of world politics and foreign affairs will be part of a brainstorm with young thinkers from leading international universities in Hong Kong this July.

20 April 2006

A new study has revealed that the New Tax System adopted in 1999 and the embedding of the GST have further diminished the fiscal autonomy of the States and Territories.

14 December 2005

Australia’s next Federal election date is looming and UQ’s political experts are on standby to help media.

30 August 2004

Australia’s next Federal election date is looming and UQ’s political experts are on standby to help media.

10 August 2004

Australian and World experts in reef ecosystems have declared Australia will run the risk of losing its Iconic Great Barrier Reef unless measures are taken now. In an article to appear in the internationally regarded Science magazine, a group of...

14 August 2003

A number of members of The University of Queensland community were honoured with Centenary Medals, announced by Prime Minister John Howard last month.

20 May 2003