School Science Lessons
Updated: 2015-02-01

Editor: John Elfick, School of Education, University of Queensland, Australia
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This website contains a database of school science experiments and health information. including experiments from the "low cost" science teaching movement, simplified versions of classical experiments, experiments using locally available substances and kitchen chemicals, and environmental science. Some experiments anticipate experiments usually done in senior high school or college classes. The contents of this website are free to download for educational purposes. The procedures and safety standards are consistent with instructions issued by The Department of Education, Training and Employment, State of Queensland, Australia.

Table of contents
Agriculture Projects
Laboratory Safety
Astronomy, Earth and celestial bodies
Chemistry and minerals
Science, Maths and Technology
Drug abuse, Tranquillizers
Sexuality education
Environmental chemistry, pollution
Soil science
Geology and Earth sciences
Human and animal physiology
Years 1-6, Primary Science
Interesting websites
Australian Curriculum
STAQ, Science Teachers Association of Queensland
School of Education, University of Queensland

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