School Science Lessons
School Agriculture Projects
2017-06-03 SP MF
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Table of contents

1.0.0 Agriculture projects

Animals, Animal Care


Breadfruit, Jakfruit

Bees, honeybee


Chickens, ducks, turkeys, poultry





Crops & farming


Gardening equipment, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides


Fruit trees



Insects, insect pests



Organic farming, (chemical-free farming)

Papaya, paw paw



Plant nurseries, seeds

Plant protection, pests and diseases


Sprouting and microgreens

Sweet Potato


Truffles, Australia

Turkeys, poultry

Animals, Animal Care
4Real Milk, Queensland
3.0.0 Animal care and protection
AVA, Australian Veterinary Association
Homes for Hens, Battery Hens Adoption Project
RSPCA, Queensland

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & ForestrySearch: Bananas
Banana Project, (This website)
ABGC, Australian Banana Growers' Council Inc.
Australian Tropical Foods, Banana, Cairns, (Click on "Exotic Fruits")
Bananas, NSW Department of Primary Industry
Blue Sky Backyard Bananas, (commercial)
Clonal Solutions australia, (commercial)

Bees, honeybee
Aussie Bees
Australian Native Bees
9.1.6 Bees, honeybee, (This website)
Bees DAF, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Honey Bee Australia, Beekeeping in Australia
Bob the Bee Man, Australia

Breadfruit Project, (This website)
Australian Tropical Foods, Breadfruit, Cairns, (Click on "Exotic Fruits")
Daleys Kyogle, NSW
Jakfruit, Australian Tropical Foods, Cairns, (Click on "Exotic Fruits")
Jakfruit, Daleys, Kyogle, NSW

Cassava Project, (This website)
Green Harvest, Maleny
Cass Tech Clare, North Queensland
Daleys Kyogle, NSW
Ela Arish Tropical Exotics

Chickens, ducks, turkeys, poultry
Chicken Project, (This website)
Chickens, Australian Chicken Meat Federation
Chickens, Egg information, WA Government
Poultry DASF, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Duck Project, (This website).
Chilli Project, (This website)
See 3.4.0: Chilli, Capsicum, (This website)
Chilli Seedbank, (plant and seed sales), Sydney
The Chilli Factory, (chilli products)
Good Food - Chillies. (many chilli dishes)

Cocoa Project, (This website)
Cocoa, "Tava", 100% cocoa solids chocolate
Cocoa, World Cocoa Foundation

1. "The coconut odyssey: the bounteous possibilities of the tree of life", by Foale, Mike A.,
2. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Canberra, Australia, 2003, ISBN 1 86320 370 2
3. "Palms in Australia", by Jones, D. L., Reed Books, Melbourne, 1996, 3rd. ed. ISBN 0 7301 04907
Coconut Project, (This website)
Cocobella, coconut water, sports drinks
Coyo, coconut cream products
Coconut seedlings, Australia, Paul Richardson, Kuranda, Email:
Coconut storage & selection, recipes
Cocosplit, coconut opening, (commercial)
Daleys, coconuts, Kyogle, NSW

9.14.0 Composting, C/N ratio, humus, worm farms, (This website)
Compost Revolution, worm farming
Liquid Seaweed, Tasmanian bull kelp
Tumbleweed, worm farm
Worm farms

Crops & farming
Aquaponics, Practical Aquaponics, USA
CABI, Food security
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland Government
Food Plants International, database of edible plants
Harvest Plus, Breeding crops for better nutrition
Horticulture, Australia
International Plant Nutrition Institute
Plants for a Future, database of useful plants
QAAFI, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
RIRDC, Rural Industries Research & Development

Fruit trees
Australian Tropical Foods
CRFG, California Rare Fruit Growers
Fat Goose Fruits, Renmark, Australia
Gemvale, Dragon Fruit, Australia
Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers, USA
Rare Fruits Council, archives
Rare Fruits - SA, archives
Rare Fruit Club, archives
Sub-Tropical Fruit Club Queensland
The Woodstock Fruit Festival, USA
Top Tropicals, USA
Tree Crops, New Zealand Tree Crops Association
Tropical Fruit Forum
UF/IFAS, University of Florida, Extension
Wanatca West Australian Nut & Tree Crop Association

Gardening, equipment, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides
Gardening, Food gardens for Schools, (This website)
ABC "Gardening Australia"
Aloe Horticulture
Annette McFarlane "Successful gardening"
Beautanicals organically grown, open pollinated
Biochar, carbon increase productivity
Burke's Backyard, members' forum
Butterfly Host Plants
Compost Revolution, worm farming,
Coolaroo shade cloth, sun protection, bat nets
CTa Practical Guide
CutAbove Tools secateurs, shears, whipper snipper
Diggers garden club
Ecobotanica, organic gardens, Linda Brennan
EZ-FLO, Automatic Fertilizers
Flowerama, international florist
Garden Guides, USA
Gardening, know how, USA
Helen Young, horticulturist's advice
Incitec Pivot Fertilizers, increase productivity
Just Geraniums
KISS Garden surrounds, raised garden beds
Kondinin Kondinin Group
Machinery, TAGRM, Tropical Agriculture Machines
No Dig Vegetable Garden
Nutri-Tech, nutrition farming
Open Gardens
Productive Gardens space-saving gardens
Suncoast Water Gardens ,water lily lotus, ginger
Tissue culture, United Tissue Culture Stocks
Trace Element Essentials, Graeme Sait, Nutri-tech
Tumbleweed, worm farm
Viola's Patch flowering perennials & succulents
Weslor climbers, rare & hard to find plants
Yates Garden Guide, Australia
Yuruga Native Plants Nursery

Goat Project, (This website)
GICA Goat Industry Council of Australia
Goat-Link USA
Goat extension Land Grant Universities, USA
Meat Goats Myrrhee Boer Goats, Australia
Dairy Goats Queensland, Australia

3.0.0 Herbs, (This website)
All Rare Herbs
Austral Herbs, Dried herbs, Spices & Teas
Basilea, "Living Culinary Herbs"
Ginger Factory, The Ginger Factory, Australia
Go Ji Plants, Australian Grown Go Ji Plants
Herbs "Your Herb Garden", by Annette McFarlane
Henriette's Herbal, herbal information
Herb Research Foundation, World-wide news
Herbaceous Herbs, Western Australia
Herbal infusions, Susan S. Weed, USA
Herbs 2000, Nutritional and traditional health care
Mudbrick Cottage, Herb Farm, Queensland
Leaf Infusions, Tisane blends, fine teas
Plants For A Future
Queensland Herb Society
Richters, herbs, seeds,plants, dried herbs, vegetables
Shipard's Herb Farm
Serious Eats, cooking
The Herb Cottage, USA

Food Gardens
Annette McFarlane
Growcom The voice of Queensland horticulture
Horticulture, University of Florida, USA
Horticulture Courses, Australia
Horticulture, Helen Young, Australia
Plants, Botany

Mango,, Mangoes in subtropical winter, (This website)

Markets, Brisbane Market Report
Markets, Penrith
Markets, Subiaco, Victoria

Organic farming, (chemical-free farming)
Annette McFarlane, Successful gardening, Australia
Australian Organic Gardening Resource Guide
Brisbane Organic Growers, BOGI
Earthwise Gardening
Organic Federation of Australia

Papaya, paw paw
Papaya Project, (This website)
Australian Tropical Foods, Papaya, Cairns, (Click on "Exotic Fruits")
Plant Health Australia, Papaya

Pineapple Project, (This website)
Australian Tropical Foods, Pineapple, Cairns, (Click on "Exotic Fruits")
Daleys Kyogle, NSW
Pineapples Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, Queensland

Plant nurseries, seeds
Beautanicals, herbs & seeds, medicinal
Blueberry, Biodynamic Blueberry Farm
Butterfly Host Plants
Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery, Kyogle, Australia
Digger's Club, heirloom vegetable seed
Eden Seeds, open-pollinated vegetables & herbs
Fleming's Plants
Flores Flowers, horticultural knowledge and products, USA
Forbidden Fruits Nursery, NSW
Green Harvest, organic seeds, fertilizer, pests
King's Plant nursery, UK
Lambley Nursery, flowers, bulbs & perennials
Plant Online
Plantnet, Plants for the home garden
Pohlmans, serving the Nursery Industry, Qld
QAS, Queensland Agricultural Seeds
Ross Evans Garden Centre
Rossmount Nursery, Qld
Searles, Garden products, tips
The Diggers Club, heirloom fruits
The Seed Collection, seasonal guide about what to plant, growing tips
Yates Plant Nursery
Yuruga Nursery, Australian native plants, bush food

Plant protection, pests and diseases
16.2.0 Insecticides
16.1.0 Pesticides
3.10.0 Poisons and First Aid, (Table)
16.9.0 Sprays, dusts, white oils
Plant health Australia
Plant health, pests, diseases, Queensland
See websites: Plant viruses, Descriptions of plant viruses, Rothamstead Experimental Station, UK
Plant health, pests and diseases Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, Queensland

Earthlife, Rock Minerals, Soil Conditioners
Soil testing, "Scientrific", (commercial)
6.0.0 Soil science, (This website)
16.2 Agricsoils testing
Soil conditioner, McLeod's Agriculture, zeolites

Sprouting and microgreens
Eden Seeds, Australia
Burpee, USA

Sweet potato
Sweet Potato Project, (This website)

Taro Project, (This website)
Australian Tropical Foods, Taro, Cairns, (Click on "Exotic Fruits")

Yam Project, (This website)