The University of Queensland has a range of experts available to talk during the Federal election campaign.

10 May 2019
UQ's Excellence awardees 2016

Staff who have contributed to The University of Queensland’s vision of excellence have been celebrated and awarded at the 2016 UQ Awards for Excellence.

10 June 2016
Working at the nanoscale, using materials with dimensions thousands of times smaller than the width of a human hair, allows researchers to accurately target treatments with minimal harm to surrounding cells

The quest to better understand human biology at a minuscule level has led to the creation of a $26 million international research centre in Melbourne.

28 August 2014

Two professors from The University of Queensland have been recognised as experts in the field of psychology with their recent appointment to the prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) College.

21 December 2012
Dr Andrew Smith … developed a new software platform for qualitative data analysis

Academics and student researchers everywhere can benefit from a new web-based application for performing qualitative analyses using Leximancer, a software platform developed by The University of Queensland’s Dr Andrew Smith and his team.

3 April 2012

As the Australian fishing industry goes through a period of massive change, a University of Queensland researcher is helping to make their lives a little bit easier.

18 April 2005

Lessons learnt from fire management errors will be used in a university multimedia training package to improve resourcefulness in emergencies.

7 October 2004

Safety in the skies and one of the most stressful vocations — air traffic control — will come under the microscope in The University of Queensland’s Air Traffic Control Workload Study Project.

23 July 2004

Seven UQ scientists were honoured with awards totalling almost $500,000 at a gala ceremony at the new UQ Centre tonight as part of the 2002 UQ Foundation Research Excellence Awards for early career researchers.

26 September 2002

Psychologist Dr Andrew Neal has won a UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award to develop a computer program aimed at maintaining Australia’s high air safety standards. Possible uses include risk assessment in deciding safe workloads for air traffic...

26 September 2002

In what is believed to be a world first, UQ researchers are using advanced computer modelling to work out why air traffic controllers make mistakes.

10 April 2000