UQ's Excellence awardees 2016
UQ's Excellence awardees 2016
10 June 2016

Staff who have contributed to The University of Queensland’s vision of excellence have been celebrated and awarded at the 2016 UQ Awards for Excellence.

On June 9, the university honoured teams and individuals who had made significant and outstanding achievements to enhance leadership, service, innovation, equity and diversity, wellness and safety of students, staff and the wider community. 

Each year the awards are used to formally appreciate staff who have been at the forefront of notable achievements, and have reflected and support the university’s mission and values.

They acknowledge staff accomplishments and leadership behaviour across all levels of the university, regardless of position, professional or academic area.

This year, hundreds of individual and team nominations were submitted for the awards, including for teams that collaborated across the university. The awards are open to all UQ staff.

Further information is available here.


UQ Award for Excellence in Equity and Diversity:

Team Award: Outreach and Engagement Team, ATSIS Unit, Sid Domic, Andrew Dillon, Belle Sanewski.

Individual Award: Miriam Taylor-Gomez

First commendation: Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, Women in Engineering Team, Stephanie Crawley, Debra Lancelot, Trent Leggatt, Kate Meimaris, Helen Burdon.

Second Commendation: Professor Naomi Stead.

This award recognises and celebrates outstanding effort made by individuals or teams in promoting equity and diversity within UQ and the wider community.

UQ Award for Excellence in Wellness and Safety:

Team Award: UQ Security Safe Zone Team, Garry Tyler, Andrew Barling, Michael Sheehan, Ron Robinson, Bruce Stewart, Anthony Waldron, Daniel Ogg, Lily White, Yin Tint, Harshini Ravindran, Kevin O’Sullivan, Jim Carmichael, Paul Ninnes, Andrew Lee, Lyn Griffiths, Carolyn Varley, Caroline Bird.

First Commendation: Measles Outbreak Team, Fiona Coulthard, Tony Arklay.
Second Commendation: Jeremy Wilson.

This award recognises and celebrates the contributions of staff who have implemented innovative and exciting ideas which contribute to the wellness and safety of people at UQ.

UQ Award for Excellence in Innovation:
Team Award:
Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery, Professor Matt Cooper, Mathilde Desselle, Alysha Elliott, Mark Blaskovich, Joannes Zuegg, Ruth Neale, Emma Cowie, Karl Hansford, Soumya Ramu, Angela Kavanagh.

Individual Award: Zak Williams.

This award recognises and celebrates individuals or teams that have implemented innovative, effective workplace practices and initiatives, including the development of new systems that improve UQ’s effectiveness and efficiency.

UQ Award for Excellence in Service:
Team Award:
Protein Expression Facility, Australia Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Associate Professor Linda Lua, Cindy Chang, Emilyn Tan, Chris Munro, Yang Wu, YuanYuan Fan, Tayo Adeniyi, Chris Steel.

Individual Award: Michelle Foley.
Individual Award: Rachel Smith.

First Commendation: UQ Animal Ethics Team, Jennie Levitt, Ann Higgins, Karen Stewart, Suzanne O’Hagan, Michael Uren, Tiina Lammervo, Marie Mangelsdorf, Joanne Petty.

Second Commendation: The Australian Equine Genetics Research Team, Paula Hawthorne, Faye Hamilton, Kimberley Walsh, Deanne Russell, Bronwyn Kilgour, Wendy Wang, Leanne Clarke, Kirstin McKenzie, Helen Hargreaves, Kheng Wai Sitoh, Danielle Smith, Chris Smith.

Third Commendation: Barry Allsop.

This award recognises and celebrates individuals and teams that have made an outstanding and significant contribution to delivering excellence in service to students, staff and/or the wider community.

UQ Excellence in Leadership Award:

Team Award: The Excellence in Research for Australia 2015 Steering Committee, Professor Alastair McEwan, Professor Paul Bernhardt, Professor Joe da Costa, Professor Mark Blows,
Professor Greg Monteith, Professor Tom O’Regan, Emeritus Professor Cindy Gallois, Professor Victor Callan, Vern Bawden, Heather Todd, Professor Andrew Cresswell, Ole Warnaar, Kirsty Fraser, Professor Matthew Hornsey, Dr Clare Hourigan, Janine Richards.

Individual Award: Mr Alan Reid.
Individual Award: Professor Pauline Ford.
Individual Award: Professor Victor Callan.

First Commendation: Institute for Social Science, Long Pocket Relations Operations Team from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: Cordelia Jackson, Cassandra Hughes, Cara Herington, Morgan Lee, Sally Lowe.

Second Commendation: UQx Team, Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation, John Zornig, Dr Aneesha Bakharia, Catherine Bennett, Wendy Chalmers, Carrie Finn, Daniel Greenup, Dr Arun Ketsirat Gartner, Ankith Konda, Linda Macdonald, Anna Morris, Annie Richardson, Dr Sai Sun, Shannon O’Brien, Stella Winn, Matthew Petersen.

This award recognises and celebrates exemplary leadership which helps to create a positive, performance-based culture, and contributes to the achievements of the university. Such leadership may be demonstrated by staff at any level of the organisation.

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