Professor John McGrath

Researchers at The University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute have found a link between Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy and increased autism traits.

14 December 2016
Global Change Institute Director Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg.

University of Queensland Global Change Institute Director Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg was honoured with the Banksia Foundation’s International Award at a Sydney ceremony last night.

1 December 2016
Why lovebirds have better teeth

Being struck by Cupid’s arrow can be good for your teeth. According to University of Queensland researcher Grace Branjerdporn, finding a soul mate puts a smile on your face in more ways than one.

15 November 2016
Professor Jason Roberts.

Antimicrobial researchers at The University of Queensland are focusing their attention on one of the biggest sources of antibiotic resistance in the world

14 November 2016
Talking science, sport and superbugs during Antibiotic Awareness Week

Superbug-infested waters posed a major health threat to sporting superstars at this year's Rio Olympic Games.

14 November 2016
Clever campaigns persuade, not alienate

An expert in the psychology of political and social change has described the US election result as a perfect example of “the illusion of momentum building”.

10 November 2016
Customs House.

The University of Queensland (UQ) and Cbus Property today announced an agreement that would enable the new development at 443 Queen Street to proceed, whilst preserving important views of Brisbane’s historic Customs House.

10 November 2016
Professor Jochen Mueller

Proceeds of Crime funding will help University of Queensland researchers keep an eye on drugs in Australia’s wastewater.

3 November 2016

From filming a full crime drama to creating intensive mathematics tutorials, exceptional teachers at The University of Queensland are transforming the way students learn.

1 November 2016
The Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Facility for Producing Pharmaceuticals in Plants at UQ’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience has the potential to provide inexpensive medications to patients.

The future of medicine could be as simple as nibbling a sunflower seed or drinking a cup of tea, with the opening of a new facility at The University of Queensland.

18 October 2016

The University of Queensland Senate last night resolved that it would not divest from its small involvement in fossil fuel company investments.

7 October 2016

I refer to Fossil Fuel UQ’s briefing paper “Fossil Fuel Divestment and The University of Queensland” and attendance at the April and August Senate meetings.

7 October 2016
Drongo the budgie.

Research at The University of Queensland has revealed the stunningly simple reason why birds never crash mid-flight: they always veer right.

29 September 2016

Most of us wouldn’t question the need for a blind person to have their seeing-eye dog with them as they travel in the community, but what if it was an assistance rat or a cat?

27 September 2016
UQ has announced a new partnership with Boeing.

A key partnership will soon take off at The University of Queensland, as Boeing Research and Technology Australia establishes a presence at the UQ St Lucia campus, in an Asia-Pacific first.

22 September 2016

The University of Queensland’s Information and Technology Services (ITS) division has released an issues paper designed to improve service delivery, limit costs and invest more in the student experience.

15 September 2016
Camouflaged cuttlefish

Researchers at The University of Queensland have established that colourful coastal cephalopods are actually colourblind – but can still manage to blend beautifully with their surroundings.

14 September 2016
Life sciences at UQ have attracted a top-20 global placing in the ARWU ranking by Broad Subject Fields.

The University of Queensland’s excellence in life sciences has attracted a top-20 global placing in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) by Broad Subject Fields.

9 September 2016

Older lung cancer patients whose disease has spread to the brain could be spared potentially harmful radiotherapy, new UQ research published in The Lancet indicates.

7 September 2016

A University of Queensland-developed program designed to improve the health and wellbeing of children and families is now available in 26 countries.

29 August 2016