Customs House.
Customs House.
10 November 2016

The University of Queensland (UQ) and Cbus Property today announced an agreement that would enable the new development at 443 Queen Street to proceed, whilst preserving important views of Brisbane’s historic Customs House.

UQ Chief Operating Officer Greg Pringle said the agreement was a result of collaborative discussions between the two parties, seeking to resolve the university’s concerns related to Customs House.

“We are pleased that Cbus Property have agreed to change the profile of the building, by reducing the external car parking area.”

The agreement also reaffirms any pruning of the fig tree on the property is kept to the minimum necessary to enable the development to proceed.  Cbus Property is required by the development approval to seek Brisbane City Council approval for any pruning of the tree.

UQ restored Customs House to its former glory in the 1990s, with support from a range of donors across the University community.

The building now serves as a downtown presence for many university activities. Its magnificent Long Room and other public rooms are available for cultural, community and business functions, and it operates award-winning catering and dining facilities.