The dramatic expansion of Mongolian mine sites from initial diggings to their present size has been captured using satellite imagery for the first time by researchers at The University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI).

20 December 2013
The Museum holds the foremost collection of Classical Mediterranean Antiquities in Queensland.

Handling Roman artefacts, trying on ancient Greek clothes and playing Egyptian board-games are just some of the free fun activities The University of Queensland’s RD Milns Antiquities Museum is offering these school holidays.

19 December 2013
(L-R): Dr Simon Collins, Al Mucci, Frank Manthey, Samantha Nixon

Scientists have gained a better understanding of severe dental problem in bilbies and how to treat them by using advanced CT scans and 3D printed models.

19 December 2013

A University of Queensland researcher has questioned the effectiveness of ‘sex sells’, a common rationale underlying many advertising campaigns.

19 December 2013

Australian researchers have identified lifestyle factors that impair women’s brain performance as early as age 45.

18 December 2013

University of Queensland Researchers and Pathology Queensland have found women under 50 with breast cancer are more likely to develop secondary cancer in the liver or gynaecological organs.

18 December 2013
Professor Janeen Baxter will head up the new centre. The successful bid was led by the UQ’s Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR).

The University of Queensland (UQ) will lead a new, multi-million dollar Centre of Excellence aiming to break the cycle of social disadvantage felt across generations within families.

17 December 2013
Mini-kidney in dish.

University of Queensland researchers have made a major leap forward in treating renal disease, today announcing they have grown a kidney using stem cells.

13 December 2013

Australia is home to many venomous creatures and boasts some of the world’s most deadly, but a particular group of venomous Aussies had been almost entirely ignored.

13 December 2013

A UQ scientist has joined international colleagues to accurately date Martian rocks using a specially-designed instrument on board NASA’s Curiosity rover.

13 December 2013
Mary and Madeleine Daly: Together in study, graduation and careers.

After three years studying together, living together, and graduating together, University of Queensland nursing graduates Mary and Madeleine Daly will soon be working in hospital wards right next door to each other.

9 December 2013

The University of Queensland is restructuring its faculties from 1 January 2014.

9 December 2013

English language version 上海本周碳排放交易开闸,上海行业和政府高级代表接受昆士兰大学所提供的碳排放速成课程。 昆士兰大学博士生Adrian Ward在上海环境能源交易所的工作坊上使用碳博弈CarbonGame) iPad应用程序。...

3 December 2013
The roundabout at the intersection of Sir Fred Schonell Drive, Coldridge Street and Munro Street will be replaced with traffic lights and a tee-junction.

Brisbane City Council is partnering with The University of Queensland to replace the roundabout at the intersection of Sir Fred Schonell Drive, Coldridge Street and Munro Street with traffic lights and a tee-junction.

3 December 2013
Adrian Ward talks to senior industry and government representatives about CarbonGameTM, a real-time simulation designed to engage and inform industry, government and student participants on how emissions trading schemes work, and importantly, how companies go about managing thier emissions under such policies.

As Shanghai commenced its emissions trading scheme this week, senior industry and government representatives were given a crash course in emissions trading by The University of Queensland.

29 November 2013

Post-natal care is failing to meet the needs of Queensland women and their families. And mothers who give birth in private hospitals report being worse off than their public hospital counterparts.

27 November 2013
University of Queensland Law graduate Christopher Ash is Oxford-bound

University of Queensland Law graduate Christopher Ash has won the prestigious 2013 Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship in Law, giving him a life-changing opportunity to study at the University of Oxford in the UK.

25 November 2013
The unique flightless cormorant (Phalacrocorax harrisi)

The effects of climate change in the Galápagos Islands are posing a severe threat to one of the world’s rarest seabirds, a decade-long historical study led by a University of Queensland researcher has revealed.

22 November 2013
 Ortelia Virtual Set Designer modelling The Queensland Theatre Company’s Bille Browne Studio. The software enables users to design a set with full theatre lighting.

Digital technology and the arts sector will come to the fore at the commercial launch of two new products from Ortelia on 21 November.

20 November 2013

New research from The University of Queensland has found that women who regularly drink as little as two glasses of wine per drinking session while pregnant can adversely impact their child’s results at school.

9 October 2013