Ortelia Virtual Set Designer modelling The Queensland Theatre Company’s Bille Browne Studio. The software enables users to design a set with full theatre lighting.
Ortelia Virtual Set Designer modelling The Queensland Theatre Company’s Bille Browne Studio. The software enables users to design a set with full theatre lighting.
20 November 2013

Digital technology and the arts sector will come to the fore at the commercial launch of two new products from Ortelia on 21 November.

The launch, to be hosted by The University of Queensland Art Museum, will showcase the products which model virtual environments in the online world, providing interactive, educational and innovative 3D services for art galleries, museums, theatres and the education sector.


The 3D technology that represents theatre spaces was conceived through the work of Professor Joanne Tompkins from UQ’s School of English, Media Studies and Art History.

It took off in 2001 with the involvement of UniQuest, UQ’s main commercialisation company, and Mr Lazaros Kastanis, who was then at UQ’s Advanced Computational Modeling Centre.

“We’ve come a long way since the project’s inception,” Professor Tompkins said.

“The original project was around the idea of theatre spaces, but we soon realised the real commercial potential had to involve modeling virtual environments in the online world.

“We’ve been fortunate to receive grant funding to develop the software prototypes and have worked with some fantastic industry partners, such as La Boite Theatre, The Powerhouse, and the UQ Art Museum, to model the software in real-life environments and refine the technology,” she said.

Ortelia Pty Ltd is a startup company of UniQuest, established in 2009 with Mr Kastanis as CEO,  Director and main salesperson.

“This year we commenced work on a number of significant projects, including one for the Museums and Galleries, New South Wales, and one with the Queensland Theatre Company,” Mr Kastanis said.

“We are now a growing startup company with two new products and an increasing customer base seeking business growth partners. The potential is massive.”

The software package has two key components: Ortelia Curator, for professional curators; and Ortelia Virtual Set Designer, for theatre professionals.

Both products have applications for the education sector, with teachers and students in mind.

“Whether it’s a curated exhibition, a theatre set design, digital archiving, simulations or a virtual walk-through, Ortelia allows its clients to reach a wider audience using its 3D solutions with ease,” he said.

In the education space, Ortelia Virtual Set Designer is being used in a number of Queensland school reference sites, and lesson plans are under development to complement the product for the education market.

Professor Tompkins has continued to use the tool as a teaching and learning aid and in her own research into cultural spaces, which has resulted in a range of papers delivered internationally on these concepts.

For more information about Ortelia and its products visit www.ortelia.com  or contact Mr Lazaros Kastanis at laz@ortelia.com


About UniQuest Pty Limited

UniQuest is the main commercialisation company of The University of Queensland (UQ), specialising in the commercialisation of intellectual property, research outcomes and expertise.  UniQuest delivers commercialisation outcomes which are valuable for UQ and profound for business, the environment, global communities and society as a whole.

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UniQuest benchmarks in the top 10 percent globally for university-based technology transfer. UniQuest-licensed UQ innovations are now generating annual sales of $3 billion.  UQ technology, through licensing arrangements, is used in two-thirds of the world’s MRIs and more than 79 million doses of the life-saving Gardasil® cervical cancer vaccine, patented by UniQuest in 1991, have been distributed throughout 121 countries, including 72 developing countries.

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WHAT:                                 Product launch: Ortelia Interactive Spaces

WHEN:                                 5 - 7pm 21 November, 2013 

WHERE:                               UQ Art Museum, University Drive,  The University of Queensland, St Lucia, QLD, 407

Media enquiries:            

Lazaros Kastanis, CEO, Ortelia by email laz@ortelia.com or Nicole Cowan, Manager, Corporate Marketing and Communications (UniQuest) by email n.cowan@uniquest.com.au