The University of Queensland is restructuring its faculties from 1 January 2014.

9 December 2013
 Ortelia Virtual Set Designer modelling The Queensland Theatre Company’s Bille Browne Studio. The software enables users to design a set with full theatre lighting.

Digital technology and the arts sector will come to the fore at the commercial launch of two new products from Ortelia on 21 November.

20 November 2013

A panel of prominent arts industry representatives will discuss the value of the arts as part of the Brisbane Writers Festival next month.

16 August 2013
Sylvia Inverway and her daughters reading the new book with one of the authors Violet Wadrill (Photo: Penny Smith)

A bilingual print dictionary Gurindji to English Dictionary will be launched at Freedom Day celebrations at Kalkaringi, Northern Territory, on 23 August.

15 August 2013
Dr Paul Eliadis will establish an academic Chair in Classics and Ancient History at UQ.

A generous donation to The University of Queensland will cement the important role of the classics and ancient history in 21st Century education.

6 May 2013
Dr Robert Davidson

A University of Queensland composer, performer and lecturer is a guest speaker in a line-up of artists and educators at a creative futures symposium on Saturday 27 April.

26 April 2013

A Russian dictation test conducted simultaneously all over the world will take place at The University of Queensland to help Brisbane native and background Russian speakers determine the level of their native language skills.

27 March 2013

Gender Studies will continue to be available to students at The University of Queensland in a range of courses.

15 March 2013

Paris, Milan and New York may spring to mind when you think of the world’s fashion capitals – but University of Queensland researcher Dr Toni Johnson-Woods is on a mission to prove that some of the most interesting styles are on the streets of...

4 March 2013
Avu Avu locals helped carry the shipment of books up to the school.

A shipment of nearly 2000 books (84 boxes) has arrived at an isolated high school in the Solomon Islands after a four-month journey from The University of Queensland.

14 February 2013

More than 60 postgraduate students from leading international and Australian universities will be attending the annual Rhizomes Conference at The University of Queensland from 30-31 January.

25 January 2013

An international expert in German literature and philosophy has been appointed Head of School and Professor of German at the School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies at The University of Queensland.

21 January 2013
Renowned Australian theatre actor and distinguished member of The University of Queensland's community, Bille Brown, has died aged 61.

A distinguished member of The University of Queensland's community, Bille Brown, died on Sunday, aged 61.

15 January 2013
UQ develops the sitting pad to tackle the 'chair disease'.

To prevent the risk of ‘chair disease’, The University of Queensland researchers have developed a ‘sitting pad’ device that uses an alarm to alert workers to stand up more regularly.

4 December 2012

A cohort of students from The University of Queensland is set to take to the stage in an upcoming performance of ‘7’ at the Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio at 7:30pm on Wednesday, October 31.

12 October 2012
UQ to showcase films from around the world as part of the 2012 Australian Anthropological Society Conference.

A vibrant selection of documentaries, short films and video installations from around the world will be shown at The University of Queensland as part of the 2012 Australian Anthropological Society Conference.

24 September 2012

A University of Queensland project is piecing together a little-known aspect of Australia’s war history that may bring comfort and understanding to families.

23 April 2012

Australians have a high level of internet use but are wary of websites that collect too much information about their visitors, a large-scale University of Queensland survey has revealed.*

14 March 2012
UQ Chinese students Julie Wu, Jonnie Wang, Yolanda Li and Stephanie Tan

The huge growth in Chinese tourism to Australia is proving a boon not only to the economy, but also to Chinese UQ students, who are in demand as translators at a luxury island resort off Brisbane’s coast.

2 December 2011

Academics from The University of Queensland have launched a new website, Queensland Speaks, which through audio-recorded interviews, presents the personal and political perspectives of over 60 Queensland legislative decision makers.

17 November 2011