15 March 2013

Gender Studies will continue to be available to students at The University of Queensland in a range of courses.

Executive Dean of Arts Professor Fred D’Agostino said a recent decision to recommend discontinuation of the major in Gender Studies from 2014 did not mean that students would not have access to courses that make up that major.

“The decision reflects low demand for the major, with only three Gender Studies majors among about 900 Bachelor of Arts and dual degree graduates in 2012,” Professor D’Agostino said.

A total of 13 first-, second- and third-year students have declared majors in Gender Studies in 2013.

Most Gender Studies courses will continue to be taught as parts of other majors or as electives in the Bachelor of Arts.

Students already enrolled in the Gender Studies major will be offered the courses they need to complete the major during a “teach out” period.

“Obviously, Honours and PhD students will continue to have access to the expertise of staff with research interests in Gender Studies,” Professor D’Agostino said.

“Of course, some students not already in the system might have wanted to do a full major in Gender Studies and, regrettably, they won’t have that option from 2014.

“But they will be able to complete individual courses and combinations of courses that reflect their interest and can complement these selections with majors or minors in other disciplinary areas.”

The decision to recommend discontinuation of the major in Gender Studies results from a comprehensive septennial review of the Bachelor of Arts program that identified the need to reduce the number of majors offered for the degree.

Four other majors across a variety of fields have also been recommended for discontinuation.

Forty majors remain available to BA students at UQ.

“It is timely to acknowledge the pioneering work of Women’s Studies, Gender Studies and feminist academic staff at The University of Queensland, who have played and continue to play a leadership role in this important area of enquiry,” Professor D’Agostino said.

“I remain confident that students coming to UQ to access that expertise and leadership will continue to be able to do so.”

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