University of Queensland researchers have discovered a new species of bacterium that could potentially reduce the need for nitrogen fertiliser in cane farming.

20 December 2013

University of Queensland researchers have pioneered a drug development technique that could pave the way for a new class of low-cost medicines.

5 December 2013
Dr Zeinab Khalil from Egypt will graduate with a PhD in molecular bioscience and microbiology this week.

Political upheaval in her home country and devastating floods at her Ipswich apartment could not stop Dr Zeinab Khalil from graduating with a PhD in molecular bioscience and microbiology on Friday, 6 December.

4 December 2013

University of Queensland palaeontologist Dr Gilbert Price has been named the 2013 Queensland Tall Poppy of the Year.

21 November 2013
3D structure of the protein responsible for zinc starvation of lethal bacteria.

Australian researchers have found that zinc can ‘starve’ one of the world’s most deadly microbes by preventing its uptake of an essential metal.

13 November 2013

Research projects understanding how cells migrate and developing improved treatments for drug-resistant tuberculosis have been recognised as some of the best in the country by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

1 November 2013

A team of researchers has pinpointed a handful of genes that could drive the formation of medulloblastoma, the most aggressive and frequent form of brain tumour found in children.

31 October 2013
Beverley Trivett ... important progress made in brain research but we still don’t understand why people develop these dreadful tumours and why they grow so rapidly

After years of losing patients to brain tumours — despite having access to the best of modern medicine — a Brisbane neurosurgeon has had enough.

15 October 2013
IMB researchers find centipede venom molecule that could treat pain

Australian and Chinese researchers have identified a molecule in centipede venom with the potential to be developed into a painkiller as effective as morphine.

1 October 2013
Professor Maree Smith . . . has two game-changing pain therapies close to being available on the global market

A vaccine against cervical cancer, a global parenting program, new forms of pain relief, better yielding crops and improved medical imaging are some of many high-impact outcomes of University of Queensland research.

19 September 2013

University of Queensland (UQ) researchers have found a natural component of Australian tarantula venom that is more potent against certain insect pests than existing chemical insecticides.

11 September 2013

A University of Queensland scientist has been awarded the prestigious Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology President’s Medal.

11 September 2013

New research has identified the key to becoming male is an enzyme that “unravels” DNA to trigger male development of the embryo, a discovery that may give greater insight into intersex disorders.

5 September 2013

Seven researchers from The University of Queensland have been shortlisted for this year’s Australian Women in Technology (WiT) Awards.

29 August 2013

An international team, including scientists from The University of Queensland and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, has described the mutational processes that drive tumour development in 30 of the most common cancer types.

15 August 2013
Dr Michael Landsberg of UQ's Institute for Molecular Bioscience is part of a team of Australian and New Zealand researchers who are harnessing bacteria as a possible bio-insecticide to control crop pest.

A team of Australian and New Zealand researchers are harnessing bacteria as a possible new bioinsecticide to control crop pests.

2 August 2013

Newly trialled native algae species provide real hope for the development of commercially viable fuels from algae, a University of Queensland scientist has found.

24 July 2013

The University of Queensland-based Protagonist Therapeutics, Inc. has announced the completion of a $14 million Series B venture financing initiative.

10 July 2013
UQ PhD student Elanor Wainwright is one of only 14 people accepted into the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Mouse Development, Stem Cells and Cancer course in New York from 5-25 June.

Two postgraduate students from The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience will learn from some of the world’s best scientific minds after securing places at prestigious US laboratories.

20 June 2013

University of Queensland researchers have reprogrammed adult kidney cells to act as stem cells to repair damaged kidneys.

14 June 2013