Associate Professor Timothy McIntyre and Associate Professor April Wright

Two University of Queensland teachers have been given top marks for their dedication and innovative approaches to student learning at the Australian Awards for University Teaching.

26 February 2019

Certain antibodies in a patient’s blood stream may enable life-threatening bacterial infections to spread instead of fighting them off, a University of Queensland study has found.

28 June 2018
The discovery could allow ultra-secure encryption over fibre optic cables

A video of the Canadian prime minister explaining quantum technology’s exciting future went viral this year, and now Australian physicists are making that future a present-day reality.

27 October 2016

The University of Queensland leads Australia and excels globally in two critical measures of science research excellence associated with the prestigious journal Nature.

26 March 2015

It’s now late spring, with summer just around the corner, and many people with hay fever suffer at this time of year in Australia. Although the cause of this suffering is invisible to us, it is actually all around us — plant pollen floating in the...

20 November 2014
The potentially devastating E. coli ST131 superbug

An international study led by The University of Queensland has tracked a potentially devastating multi-drug resistant E. coli strain that is only one gene away from being resistant to almost all antibiotics.

1 April 2014
UQ Chancellor John Story congratulates Chancellor's Award winner Melissa Glendenning, Operations Manager at Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation.

Professional staff play a vital role in supporting teaching, research and engagement at The University of Queensland, a contribution that today was recognised through the prestigious Chancellor’s Awards.

21 February 2013

The University of Queensland acknowledged the significant contributions made by staff, students and alumni to equity and diversity at the Vice-Chancellor’s Equity and Diversity Awards held on Thursday, 24 May 2012.

25 May 2012

THE work of 15 researchers and supervisors has been honoured at a special ceremony to mark Research Week at The University of Queensland.

13 September 2011

A new collaborative initiative to deal with water technology issues in the minerals industry in Australia is one of 15 successful applications in two new University of Queensland internal fellowship schemes to foster research excellence.

11 April 2011
A computationally-generated view of a topology-optimized design for a porous bone implant scaffold. The linking of computational design with precision fabrication has tremendous potential for producing tissue scaffolds with tailored properties � as the current research has shown.
Image: Dr Vivien Challis, School of Mathematics and Physics, The University of Queensland

A team of mathematicians from The University of Queensland has helped design a prototype for a new generation of bone implants that could potentially reduce surgery and rehabilitation times, as well as provide a solution for patients for whom...

3 February 2011

Groundbreaking research into nanotechnology and advanced polymers will be accelerated with $3.6 million in infrastructure funding awarded to The University of Queensland (UQ) today.

1 December 2010
Dr Tamara Davis

An astrophysicist from The University of Queensland’s School of Mathematics and Physics has been awarded the prestigious L’Oréal Women in Science Award for 2009.

25 August 2009

Six engineering students from The University of Queensland have received an $8000 boost to support their studies and energise the State’s power industry.

13 November 2008

University of Queensland researchers have been awarded $2.289 million in the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Council grants.

4 January 2007

The University of Queensland`s governing Senate last night (February 9) unanimously re-elected Sir Llewellyn Edwards, AC, as Chancellor.

10 February 2006

Australian and U.S. scientists have made a major breakthrough towards the development of the next generation of computation, the very fast quantum computer.

20 November 2003

The Dutch Ambassador to Australia will be guest speaker at The University of Queensland’s Social and Behavioural Sciences Faculty graduation ceremony at St Lucia on Wednesday, December 11.

10 December 2002

The next Rugby World Cup is expected to be the scene of just as many clashes off the field as on as English clubs recruit the world's best players, according to a University of Queensland researcher.

7 May 1999

Julie Webb has not let blindness prevent her from becoming one of the top achieving medallists of the 63 students awarded University of Queensland medals for outstanding scholarship at graduation ceremonies at Mayne Hall, St Lucia on May 18 and May...

15 May 1998