An expansion of job opportunities in the mining sector is painting a bright future for students studying engineering, exploration, mining and environmental geology.

19 January 2018
Equipment in the laboratory can be used for many functions, including dating ancient human and animal remains

One of the most advanced analytical research laboratories of its kind will be opened to the public on Thursday, 13 July at The University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus.

12 July 2017
Dr Julie Pearce at a field test site in Victoria.

University of Queensland research is helping identify the safest geological conditions to store CO2 emitted from power plants deep below the surface, to help Australia reduce its emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

12 May 2016

Textbooks on methane-metabolising organisms might have to be rewritten after researchers in a University of Queensland-led international project today (23 October) announced discovery of two new organisms.

23 October 2015
Dr Perach Nuriel's image, which appears on the cover of the October issue of Geology magazine

Research conducted by Dr Perach Nuriel has featured on the cover of the October issue of Geology magazine published by The Geological Society of America.

23 October 2012

Queensland mums-to-be are being denied access to water immersion during labour even though research shows it shortens labour and reduces interventions.

24 May 2012

Interactive and enthusiastic teaching at The University of Queensland has seen Professor Joan Esterle recognised in the 2011 Australia-wide “Lecturer of the Year” competition.

22 March 2012

Queensland mums who received continuity of carer during their pregnancy, labour and birth have the highest rates of satisfaction according to work by UQ’s Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies (QCMB).

7 February 2012

The University of Queensland’s (UQ) technical expertise and cutting-edge research in unconventional gas resources, like coal seam gas, has attracted the attention of the single largest importer of liquefied natural gas in the world.

20 October 2010
King's in Pink will be held on Friday, October 22

King’s College at The University of Queensland will go pink as part of its ongoing campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer.

4 October 2010
Dr Dong Qiu

University of Queensland metals researchers have scooped the pools at a unique science event held on the Gold Coast recently.

8 July 2009

University of Queensland researchers are taking their expertise in dealing with carbon dioxide emissions to China.

9 July 2008

The University of Queensland has established a milestone Cooperation Agreement with the RWTH Aachen University in the area of coalbed methane research and technologies.

18 February 2008

University of Queensland researchers have identified microbial remains in some of the oldest preserved organic matter on Earth, confirmed to be 3.5 billion years-old.

7 August 2007

University of Queensland research into geosequestration of greenhouse gases is being exported to the world.

15 June 2007

The University of Queensland Art Museum is presenting the major national touring exhibition Encounters with country: landscapes of Ray Crooke" from August 12 until October 1.

13 July 2006

Religion, sport, politics and probably sex will be raked over at the world’s biggest Shakespeare festival in Brisbane this month — but who cares?

12 July 2006

Two University of Queensland students have been awarded the prestigious titles of Pharmacist and Young Pharmacist of the Year.

6 November 2002

Pioneering work on hearing in dogs will be the subject of a University of Queensland Friends of the Vet School free public lecture on July 21 at the lower lecture theatre, Seddon Building, at 7.30pm.

7 July 1999

An honour board of 46 University graduates and staff who have represented Australia in Olympic Games since 1948 could become part of a permanent sports museum or hall of fame at the St Lucia campus.

13 May 1999