Dr Dong Qiu
Dr Dong Qiu
8 July 2009

University of Queensland metals researchers have scooped the pool at a unique science event held on the Gold Coast recently.

Called Technology on Tap, the event challenged scientists to explain their research in less time than it takes to pour a Guinness, or 2.5 minutes.

The best presenter, decided by an international panel of experts, was Dr Dong Qiu, from UQ's School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering, who won $2,000. Second place was UQ PhD student Alex Buddery.

Dr Qiu played the part of a butcher at a meat market to "sell" his idea of technology to produce stronger, lighter and cheaper magnesium alloys that can be used in the production of cars, laptops and other modern technologies.

According to Dr Qiu's sales pitch, these alloys can be produced if you use his secret ingredient - a grain refiner - which makes metals strong.

"It was a great experience. I might become an entertainer yet," Dr Qiu said.

The event was part of the 4th International Light Metals Technology Conference held on the Gold Coast from June 28 to July 1.

The Light Metals Technology Conference is an international event that showcases metals and alloy technologies from across the world.

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