The researchers say theirs is the first design that places a windbreak on top of a floating breakwater structure.

A team of civil engineers has invented and patented a “floating forest” they say is capable of reducing wind and wave damage during a natural disaster.

29 May 2019
Front row: UQ School of Civil Engineering head Professor Simon Washington, UQ Director of Research Partnerships Joe McLean, VLC CEO Tim Veitch. UQ's Dr Jake Whitehead (back row, third from left)

How we get around our cities and towns could be revolutionised through to a new partnership between The University of Queensland and industry.

30 April 2019

A journey that started with a bad back and the threat of a major operation is about to culminate in a study tour to a leading American medical facility for a researcher at The University of Queensland.

4 September 2009

University of Queensland researchers are using nanotechnology to revolutionise medical diagnostic testing of diseases such as cervical cancer.

17 April 2007

23-year-old University of Queensland Arts/Law student Nicholas Luke has been chosen as the 2006 Queensland Rhodes Scholar.

4 November 2005

University of Queensland-developed software is at the heart of a major U.S. military virtual disaster relief exercise conducted this month from six international locations.

30 September 1999

It's a long way from Belfast to Brisbane, but the journey has proven more than worthwhile for principal research fellow in the Department of Human Movement Studies, Dr Richard Carson.

3 August 1999

The University of Queensland has been named one of the 'top 100 overseas universities' by the South China Morning Post.

9 May 1997