A journey that started with a bad back and the threat of a major operation is about to culminate in a study tour to a leading American medical facility for a researcher at The University of Queensland.

4 September 2009

University of Queensland researchers are using nanotechnology to revolutionise medical diagnostic testing of diseases such as cervical cancer.

17 April 2007

23-year-old University of Queensland Arts/Law student Nicholas Luke has been chosen as the 2006 Queensland Rhodes Scholar.

4 November 2005

University of Queensland-developed software is at the heart of a major U.S. military virtual disaster relief exercise conducted this month from six international locations.

30 September 1999

It's a long way from Belfast to Brisbane, but the journey has proven more than worthwhile for principal research fellow in the Department of Human Movement Studies, Dr Richard Carson.

3 August 1999

The University of Queensland has been named one of the 'top 100 overseas universities' by the South China Morning Post.

9 May 1997