A University of Queensland study shows Facebook is one of the alcohol industry’s key promotional tools, sparking concerns about inadequate regulation of alcohol marketing on social media.

20 May 2014
Jonathan Homes. Image courtesy of Sam Mooy, The Australian.

The evolution of Australia’s media watchdog program Media Watch will be the focus of the annual Henry Mayer Lecture at The University of Queensland on 16 May.

3 May 2013

Reports this week that celebrities are earning up to $10,000 per tweet on Micro-blogging site Twitter has caught the attention of ordinary social media users who are now asking how they can make money too.

9 March 2011

Generous giving is paramount for UQ's Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (SBS) to continue to support students from all corners of the world to attend university.

4 November 2010

Whether it inspires or irritates you, reality television has the power to capture a wide audience, something Australian Idol has cleverly used to its advantage.

21 November 2008