4 November 2010

Generous giving is paramount for UQ's Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (SBS) to continue to support students from all corners of the world to attend university.

These scholarships, bursaries and prizes from the Faculty allow students to undertake further research study, assist them with basic day-to-day study needs, provide practical career assistance and simply recognise individuals for their outstanding level of achievement.

The Wheatley bursary this year allowed UQ Political Science student Ocholamero Orato the opportunity to be like any other student.

Moving to Australia from a Ugandan refugee camp, Ocholamero believes it is important to study and gain knowledge.

Before receiving the Wheatley bursary Ocholamero was working full time hours while undertaking full time study.

"I feel huge relief," he said.

"It will allow me to reduce my working hours and buy books – this is going to directly help with my education."

This is the inaugural year of the scholarship which was established from a bequest by the late Marcelle Waldon, a former UQ student.

Public Relations students Rebecca Brown and Lily Howe were each awarded the Cole Lawson scholarship in 2010 for their study, PR work and commitment to their careers.

Margaret Lawson, Managing Director of Cole Lawson Communications, said the $2500 scholarship aimed to provide practical assistance to the students at an uncertain time in their careers.

The Warren Braxton-Bannister Bursaries are awarded each year to students demonstrating leadership potential and financial need. The late Warren Braxton-Bannister was always conscious of the benefits of education and the opportunities that it opened up for him, the first in his family to complete a tertiary education.

The 2010 recipients of the $3000 bursaries were Eadie Adams, Siobhan Coughlan, Grace Hope-Simpson, Jessica Mudryk, Susan Reardon-Smith and Kezia Schneck.

Social Science student Bethany Carey was this year’s recipient of the GRM International $5000 scholarship that aims to encourage students to study in the field of social science (development).

GRM International Pty Ltd is a recognised leader in the field of resource and development management in developing countries.

It is not only donors who assist students. Each year the UQ SBS Faculty acknowledges its top students by awarding them a place in its prestigious Dean’s Scholar Program.

This year, the Faculty awarded this honour to 95 students. These students will receive benefits such as summer research and work internships, priority in overseas exchange programs along with school recognition and support.

The SBS Faculty supported the UQ Summer Research Scholarship Program for 2010, providing 43 of its students with scholarships to engage in research internships over the summer vacation period (from mid-November to mid-February).

These research internships give students the opportunity to work with a researcher in a formal research environment so they experience the research process and discover what research is being undertaken in their field of interest at UQ.

The topics the students will delve into are varied and exciting.

Archaeology student Ms Lora Warman will spend her summer working with Dr Jessica Thompson from the School of Social Science to study Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction through the use of fossil microfauna from Southeast Queensland.

Ms Lorena Hernandez and Ms Charlotte Nolan from the School of Journalism and Communication will be researching the topic - Media and Communication: Alcohol, branding and social media with Dr Nicholas Carah.

Media: Beth Hensler (Senior Marketing and Communications Officer, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences) 3365 8820, b.hensler@uq.edu.au