University of Queensland experts are available to comment on pain in conjunction with Pain Week. Journalists can contact the following experts below or search by topic or name at UQ Experts.

24 July 2018
PhD student Melissa Houghton at work on Macquarie Island.

A study into how a sub-Antarctic island’s ecosystem has changed since the eradication of introduced mammals has won a prestigious Australian Academy of Science prize.

10 November 2017
Living with chronic low back pain leads to the brain being re-wired over time. Shutterstock.

Psychologists are working on ways to reduce the brain’s sensitivity to pain, with the aim of improving pain management techniques.

27 July 2017
Cover of the book Last Days of Ava Langdon

University of Queensland Press publishing director Madonna Duffy knew she had found “something special” when she first read a manuscript from Mark O’Flynn in 2015.

21 June 2017
Traditional pain treatments become less effective over time

Could mindfulness and meditation be more powerful than opioids for lower back pain?

13 July 2016
A mini-kidney formed in a dish from human induced pluripotent stem cells. The three colours show the presence of distinct cell types within the developing nephrons. Image: Minoru Takasato

Australian researchers have perfected a method of growing mini-kidneys from stem cells for use in drug screening, disease modelling and cell therapy.

14 October 2015
Melissa Carroll.

A Wiradjuri nurse from New South Wales has been named the first Indigenous Officer for The University of Queensland Medical Society.

9 July 2015

University of Queensland MBA students and alumni will launch the first MBA Business Symposium early next month, the only one of its kind in Australia.

14 April 2015

A conference next week will explore the wide-ranging consequences, issues and opportunities arising from society’s dependence on interactive technology.

28 April 2014

A University of Queensland electronic law expert has warned that a United States Appeals Court ruling to hold remote ‘texters’ liable for accidents caused by drivers reading their messages could have ramifications in Australia.

30 August 2013

A University of Queensland researcher has warned that refugee women and children face increased risks under the Federal Government’s policy of sending asylum seekers to Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

15 August 2013
Jocelyn Bosse, The Honorable Justice Patrick Keane and award winner Krista Mahoney

Lawyer Krista Mahoney of Thynne & Macartney has been named the 2012 University of Queensland Law Mentor of the Year.

16 May 2013

Students from The University of Queensland Law Society are putting superhero Batman on trial to show the public how the Australian court system works.

6 May 2013
Dr Fitzgerald (centre) and her team are excited about establishing a training centre for food scientists at UQ

The Federal Government has selected The University of Queensland as one of four universities that will train future scientists to lead food industry transformation and innovation.

1 May 2013
UQ Chancellor John Story congratulates Chancellor's Award winner Melissa Glendenning, Operations Manager at Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation.

Professional staff play a vital role in supporting teaching, research and engagement at The University of Queensland, a contribution that today was recognised through the prestigious Chancellor’s Awards.

21 February 2013

A spring clean by academics from The University of Queensland Law School has led to a donation of forty legal textbooks to the Prisoners’ Legal Service (PLS) in Brisbane.

28 November 2012
From left: Chief Justice of the Federal Court Patrick Keane; Mrs Elizabeth Barry and Sir Thomas Atkin Morison unveil a replica plaque

The University of Queensland and the Federal Court of Australia co-hosted an event to commemorate the birthplace of Lord Atkin of Aberdovey, one of the world's most influential common law judges, at a ceremony in Brisbane on Wednesday.

28 November 2012

With the world population predicted to hit 9 billion in 2050 and land and water resources in decline, the focus for World Food Day on Tuesday 16 October will be on how to do more with less.

12 October 2012

BlackWords will celebrate its fifth anniversary on October 20 with a symposium at The University of Queensland Art Museum.

10 October 2012

The University of Queensland has added to its remarkable mooting record in 2012 by winning the Shine Lawyers Torts Moot Competition.

28 August 2012