Eight UQ student athletes have joined the ranks of the sporting elite after receiving a UQ Blue – The University of Queensland’s highest sporting honour – at the 2017 UQ Blues Awards Dinner.

6 November 2017
Newly-discovered species: Adult males with juvenile females grasped onto abdomens - Cystococcus campanidorsalis (Photo: Dr Lyn Cook)

A University of Queensland graduate has identified a previously unknown species of insect living within reach of Australian suburbia.

27 July 2015
Phd candidate, Penelope Mills, in the habitat where Apiomorpha nookara was found

Third-year Biological Sciences students at The University of Queensland have applied their knowledge from the classroom to name and describe a species of gall insect; Apiomorpha nookara.

15 November 2011

University of Queensland research has found cabbage palms have not always called Australia home.

27 July 2010

Ever wanted to know how to cook your steak in a rice cooker or create the perfect coffee caviar?

21 April 2010

Australia’s unique plant life could be under threat from global climate change, according to University of Queensland research.

9 April 2009

A delegation of senior coastal environment managers from the Cook Islands is in Queensland this week learning the keys to successful marine conservation.

11 September 2006

Grandparents raising grandchildren, baby boomer career women, aged care facilities and the pros and cons of staying in the workforce will be up for discussion at the fourth National Conference for Emerging Researchers in Ageing (ERA 2005).

1 November 2005

It’s been a long, 15 year walk to freedom for ‘Lost Boy’ Abraham Aleer, but after his first year in Australia, the former Sudanese refugee has finally found his feet.

27 January 2004

The University of Queensland will award what is believed to be Queensland’s first Doctor of Technology degree at a graduation ceremony tomorrow (May 27) at the UQ Centre, St Lucia, at 5pm.

26 May 2003

The queue to The University of Queensland Alumni Association’s book fair is always longer than War and Peace and 2003 will be no exception, according to book fair convenor Feona Walker.

17 April 2003

Are you lusting for a copy of Mrs Beeton's cookbook, The Thoughts of Chairman Mao, or needing a comprehensive encyclopaedia of the military weapons of the 20th century?

17 April 2001