21 April 2010

Ever wanted to know how to cook your steak in a rice cooker or create the perfect coffee caviar?

Molecular experiments are taking place in the world's best restaurants, and UQ physicist Dr Joel Gilmore is ready to show you how to recreate the science at home.

This Friday at 4pm, Dr Gilmore will explore the cutting edge of gastronomy while explaining the science behind each dish.

Scientists can now tell us what works in the kitchen and why, identifying the complicated chemical processes taking place in our ovens, pots and microwaves.

Even better, scientists are now using the latest scientific technology to help us cook in better, or even completely new ways.

Armed with the twin tools of knowledge and technology, the world’s leading chefs are creating new flavours, textures and experiences that are making their way into the home kitchen.
Everyone is welcome to witness Dr Gilmore cook, projected onto the big screen, while he explains the scientific processes at work.

So come along to see how chemistry, physics and even psychology all play a role in the dishes of tomorrow.

The Scientist in the Kitchen: How Science is Changing How We Cook is presented by Dr Joel Gilmore as part of the Physics Colloquium, 4pm Friday in room 222 of the Parnell Building, St Lucia.

Media: Lynelle Ross (07 3346 9935, Lynelle.ross@smp.uq.edu.au)