Image: Cryo-electron microscopy-derived three-dimensional structure of a filament formed by the Toll-like receptor adaptor protein MAL, shown above a representative electron micrograph used to derive this structure. Credit: Thomas Ve.

Scientists have a better understanding of the immune system at a molecular level, thanks to UQ-led research that may now lead to a range of new treatments for disease.

2 August 2017
The aedes aegypti mosqutio can spread dengue fever and other diseases.

Clinical trials for a dengue fever treatment could start within a year, following a discovery by University of Queensland scientists.

10 September 2015

A group of young Afghan refugees has taken a step closer to reuniting with their families with the help of law students from the UQ Pro Bono Centre.

19 December 2012

The University of Queensland’s Healthy Communities Research Centre is continuing to support international efforts in the field of community health by bringing UK Emeritus Professor Richard Wilkinson to Ipswich for a lunch seminar on August 25.

21 August 2009

Can bacteria be used to stop the spread of dengue? Is the era of useful antibiotics coming to an end? Could termites provide a solution to a more efficient biofuel industry?

13 July 2009

The University of Queensland’s annual Great Court race celebrated a quarter of a century this year with a strong field of athletes and plenty of competition.

2 July 2009

DNA can spell danger, and may even drive a cell to suicide, according to new research from Queensland scientists.

15 January 2009

UQ Business School-sponsored competition Business Icon last night reached its peak with Belinda Young the last one standing after an intensive week of competition.

25 July 2007

Nine outstanding UQ MBA graduates have been recognised at a UQ Business School’s Downtown ceremony.

9 November 2006

Australian "super chairman" James Strong (Woolworths and IAG) and Brisbane City Council CEO Jude Munro are among the speakers at this week`s CEO Summit.

24 August 2005