Three University of Queensland researchers are among a group of 100 female scientists from around the world taking part in a year-long leadership scheme culminating in an Antarctic voyage.

16 August 2018

Five University of Queensland researchers have joined the largest all-female expedition to Antarctica, the culmination of a year-long program to promote the influence and leadership of women in science.

20 February 2018
PhD student Melissa Houghton at work on Macquarie Island.

A study into how a sub-Antarctic island’s ecosystem has changed since the eradication of introduced mammals has won a prestigious Australian Academy of Science prize.

10 November 2017

Ice-free areas of Antarctica – home to more than 99 per cent of the continent’s terrestrial plants and animals – could expand by more than 17,000km2 by the end of this century, a study published today in Nature reveals.

28 June 2017
Image (iStock): mosquitoes are moving into regions where people have had no prior exposure to them

Climate-driven change in the distribution of animal and plant species poses emerging challenges for humans, an international study has shown.

3 April 2017
Justine at work.

The role of women researchers in Antarctica – and the discrimination that locked them out of the frozen continent for decades – will be highlighted with a “Wikibomb” this month.

25 August 2016
More than 40,000 people visit Antarctica each year

Antarctica’s ice-free areas – home to most of the continent’s biodiversity – need better protection from human impact, says a group of Australian environmental scientists.

18 June 2014

Staff who helped The University of Queensland recover rapidly from flood mode to normal business operations this year are among 65 people recognised as “Miracle Workers” at a special ceremony today, September 29.

27 September 2011

Sub-Antarctic plants could soon be gracing the world's tables and its gardens thanks to a University of Queensland collaboration with industry.

17 October 1999