27 September 2011

Staff who helped The University of Queensland recover rapidly from flood mode to normal business operations this year are among 66 people recognised as “Miracle Workers” at a special ceremony on September 29.

UQ Chancellor Mr John Story will present the awards to the University’s professional staff “quiet achievers” during a cocktail function at the UQ Club at 5.30pm.

Among recipients are whole administrative teams, including from the Schools of Human Movement Studies and English, Media Studies and Art History; and the Faculty of Arts.

Head of the UQ School of Human Movement Studies Professor Doune Macdonald and her colleague Dr Olivia Wright said the School’s professional staff had been “exceptional” in responding to the January flooding.

“During and after the flood they worked long hours, under very difficult conditions, and not once was there a hesitation or complaint to do what was best for the School and ultimately UQ,” they said.

“As a consequence, the School was able to continue to operate (for example, assist students; protect research data; accelerate our recovery processes) somewhat seamlessly despite the 1.5 metres of water throughout our buildings.”

Colleagues and supervisors nominated this year’s Miracle Worker award recipients.

The awards have gained momentum over their 16-year history, with 13 more nominations received this year than in 2010.

Awards organiser David Lang of UQ’s Human Resources Division said the annual event provided an opportunity for the University to publicly recognise its dedicated staff.

“Miracle Workers are people who have inspired their peers through various qualities in the workplace,” he said.

“The award is a testament to the dedication, enthusiasm, leadership and organisational skills of the recipients.”

“A Miracle Worker is someone who is greatly appreciated by their colleagues for providing assistance; displays a positive influence in their work environment; shows outstanding professionalism and a willingness to exceed expectations.

“These awards are a great way of publicly recognising the valuable contribution that our professional staff make to the University.”

The Miracle Worker Awards were established in 1995 by the Scitech General Staff Communications Group and originally grew out of a UQ Action Learning Program.

The administration of the Awards was taken over by the General Staff Association, then the UQ Secretaries and Office Professionals Association, and they are now administrated by Human Resources division.

This year’s recipients are:

1. Alison Day (School of Nursing and Midwifery, Ipswich)
2. Wendy Brealey (National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology)
3. Jackie Devenish (UQ Library, Herston Health Sciences Library)
4. Lya McTaggart (School of Nursing and Midwifery, Herston)
5. Luke Cosgrove (Centre for Military and Veterans Health)
6. Jennifer O’Connor (UQ Business School, St Lucia)
7. Anne Muijlwijk (School of Psychology)
8. Daphne Anderson (Office of Protocol, Office of Marketing and Communications)
9. Deborah Roberts (Web Services, Office of Marketing and Communications)
10. Belinda Ryan (Faculty of Arts)
11. Nicole Jackson (Faculty of Arts)
12. John Hughes (Faculty of Arts)
13. Justin Nicholls (Faculty of Arts)
14. Maureen Kovacich (Faculty of Arts)
15. Wayne Vidler (Halls of Residence, Gatton)
16. Rod Verrall (School of Veterinary Science, Gatton)
17. Felicia Richards (School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics)
18. Virginia Whittle (Paediatrics and Child Health, School of Medicine, Royal Children’s Hospital)
19. Amy Wong (School of Medicine)
20. Ms Jasmin Haddadi (Office of Protocol, Office of Marketing and Communications)
21. Cameron Pegg (Communications section, Office of Marketing and Communications)
22. Alina Tollenaere (Centre for Integrative Legume Research)
23. Zelda Crowley (Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology)
24. Elizabeth Cuffe (Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network)
25. Robert (Bob) McCorquodale (Faculty of Science)
26. Kate Swanson (School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management)
27. Lorraine Liang (School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management)
28. Isabelle Nish-Vetter (School of Medicine)
29. Jenny Steele (School of Medicine)
30. Ann Candy (Greenslopes Clinical School, School of Medicine)
31. Anita Johnston-Oost (School of Psychology)
32. Michael Reilly (Software Services, Information Technology Services)
33. Liz Cooper-Williams (AusCERT, Information Technology Services)
34. Helen Quintner (Faculty of Science)
35. Krystle Henry (Global Change Institute)
36. Vicky McNicol (School of English, Media Studies and Art History)
37. Rosalyn Gresshoff (School of English, Media Studies and Art History)
38. Stormy Wehi (School of English, Media Studies and Art History)
39. Cathy Squirrell (School of English Media Studies and Art History)
40. Angela Tuohy (School of English, Media Studies and Art History)
41. Gina Apted (School of English, Media Studies and Art History)
42. Jenny Bjarnesen (Academic Policy Unit, Student and Admin Services)
43. Nicola De Silva (Global Change Institute)
44. Nicole Todd (Student Services Directorate, St Lucia)
45. Kay Leaf-Milham (School of Architecture)
46. Rob Bryant (School of Human Movement Studies)
47. Gary Wilson (School of Human Movement Studies)
48. Michael Hinchey (School of Human Movement Studies)
49. Lyn Hughes (School of Human Movement Studies)
50. Kirsty Harris (School of Human Movement Studies)
51. Deb Hendle (School of Human Movement Studies)
52. Deb Noon (School of Human Movement Studies)
53. Dimity Glasby-Shaw (School of Human Movement Studies)
54. Joyce Lapitan (School of Human Movement Studies)
55. Nerida Schonfeld (School of Human Movement Studies)
56. Caroline Day (School of Human Movement Studies)
57. Diann Meaney (School of Human Movement Studies)
58. Luminita Vlad (Psychiatry, School of Medicine)
59. Sheila Cleary (Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospitals)
60. Karen Platz (Library Corporate Services, UQ Library)
61. Frances Wickerson (Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education)
62. Raewyn Peeti (Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor)
63. Yvette Hunt (Academic Programs Unit, Student and Admin Services)
64. Andrea Prescott (Student Services Directorate, St Lucia)
65. Selda Evci (Human Resources Division)
66. Griffith Young (Communications section, Office of Marketing and Communications)

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