Equipment in the laboratory can be used for many functions, including dating ancient human and animal remains

One of the most advanced analytical research laboratories of its kind will be opened to the public on Thursday, 13 July at The University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus.

12 July 2017

The Engineering Class of 2011 has left a legacy for future engineering students at The University of Queensland (UQ) through the creation of the University’s first graduating Class Gift.

17 January 2012
The first group of RWH Hawken Scholar graduates

The Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) at The University of Queensland (UQ) bid farewell to its first group of RWH Hawken Scholar students when they graduated last Thursday.

16 December 2011
Associate Professor Stephen Mahler

Australian researchers aim to use a newly-funded collaboration to develop a new generation of cancer treatment, “supercharging” antibodies with a drug delivery vehicle for targeting tumours.

10 July 2011

University of Queensland researchers are undertaking a world leading study into the prediction and subsequent modelling of urban fires.

27 April 2010

UQ research ranging from better pearls to better plastics was given a $3.5 million boost today with the latest round of Australian Research Council funding.

29 May 2009

The protection of Australia's freshwater ecosystems has been discussed at the Australian Protected Area Congress finishing today at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

27 November 2008

Researchers from UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute are set to conduct a world-first clinical trial into the link between prenatal vitamin D levels and schizophrenia prevalence.

31 July 2008

A new Australia-US alliance of research, government and industry leaders is tackling the future of clean coal at a conference hosted by UQ.

9 April 2008

At an exciting point in its evolution as one of the nation's leading trainers of future veterinarians, UQ has appointed a new Professor and Head of School with an impressive record of academic and research achievement as well as strong links with...

23 October 2007

Seven promising University of Queensland researchers have been honoured with awards totalling $505,000 at the 2007 UQ Foundation Research Excellence Awards held at Brisbane Customs House.

18 September 2007

Friday and Saturday between 9pm and 1am are the most common days and times for hoax fire calls, according to a University of Queensland study modelling the State’s urban fires, the first of its kind in Australia.

20 November 2006

A University of Queensland researcher is working to halt the progress of chronic liver disease, which affects a quarter of million Australians.

22 September 2004

The University of Queensland will present a major exhibition of works of art from its collection for the first time in the redeveloped and recently opened Mayne Centre on the St Lucia campus.

6 July 2004

Seven University of Queensland researchers will be honoured with awards totalling almost $465,000 at a gala ceremony at the UQ Centre tonight (Thursday, September 25) as part of the 2003 UQ Foundation Research Excellence Awards for early-career...

25 September 2003

UQ theoretician Dr Jon Links is developing rigorous mathematical techniques to underpin the next generation in computation – quantum computers.

25 September 2003

The University of Queensland’s Innovation Expo 2002 is due to open at the new UQ Centre.

23 October 2002

Strategies to support Australia’s ageing population will be discussed by a world expert at an upcoming University of Queensland sponsored conference.

12 July 2002

Letters written over almost 30 years between three famous Australian women authors have been lovingly compiled into a book by a UQ researcher.

3 December 2001

Belonging to an organisation may prevent premature death and add quality to life, according to visiting Harvard Professor for Public Policy Robert Putnam

14 September 2001