Last week, I was one of a sea of Australians who rose to remember Gough Whitlam. Fitting its subject, the Whitlam memorial was sweeping. It was as much a grand story of Australia’s evolution since the war as it was a portrait of the life and legend...

10 November 2014

In a playful rhetorical flourish at the Sydney Town Hall on Wednesday, Indigenous leader Noel Pearson monumentalised Gough Whitlam’s prime ministerial legacy, Monty Python-style: What did the Romans ever do for us?

10 November 2014

An international team, including scientists from The University of Queensland and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, has described the mutational processes that drive tumour development in 30 of the most common cancer types.

15 August 2013

UQ Ipswich has awarded 21 scholarships and prizes worth over 42,000 dollars to its students at a special function at The University of Queensland’s Ipswich Campus.

18 May 2011

Brisbane will become the centre of the fashion world next week when academics and designers meet at The University of Queensland.

4 July 2003

Research into an environmentally friendly wastewater treatment has won a prestigious University of Queensland award for mature age student John Goopy.

12 December 2002

Parents of students attending the University of Queensland's Gatton College this year are invited to a Parents' Day at the College on Sunday, February 14.

29 January 1999