Melbourne housing

There has been another marked decline in the number of Australians migrating between cities and regions, while movement within capitals is on the rise.

22 May 2018

Fewer commuters are working in the same area as they live, and most continue to drive to work rather than use public transport, according to a study based on the 2016 Australian census.

22 May 2018
Professor Craik ... reducing risks of tumours reocurring

The National Health and Medical Research Council has named two University of Queensland studies among its 10 of the Best Research Projects 2015.

19 August 2016
UQ's Excellence awardees 2016

Staff who have contributed to The University of Queensland’s vision of excellence have been celebrated and awarded at the 2016 UQ Awards for Excellence.

10 June 2016

Cheese-making and techniques for producing sustainable plastic dollar bills from sugar cane are among the new research projects on which The University of Queensland and industry partners will collaborate from next year.

2 November 2011

Leading researchers in clean alternative fuel technologies, industry representatives and international experts will attend Queensland’s first future fuels conference in Brisbane in July.

3 June 2011

Promising new University of Queensland research projects have the potential to revolutionise a diversity of industries, including healthcare, security, chemical, horticulture, energy and electronics.

16 June 2009

The University of Queensland (UQ) and major global diversified mining group Xstrata announced funding today for the new Xstrata Chair of Metallurgical Engineering.

11 October 2005

An innovative CD-ROM launched yesterday promises to help education in plant protection catch up with rapid growth in the crop and horticulture industries.

27 April 2005

A mining website on hazard and risk management from mineral processing to quarrying, has been launched by The University of Queensland’s mining safety centre.

4 June 2004

For the first time a team from Singapore will be participating in the Tournament of Minds state final.

12 September 2002

With the human genome project well under way, researchers are keen to put Australia`s gum tree under the microscope to map its genetic information.

5 October 2001

Queensland forestry expertise will be transferred to the Solomon Islands in a new project which could become a model for Melanesian development.

21 July 2000

The world's first generic genome research centre undertaking DNA analysis on a broad spectrum of organisms was officially opened by the Federal Minister for Health and Aged Services Dr. Michael Wooldridge today.

26 March 1999

More than 1000 primary and secondary students from throughout Queensland are expected to visit the University of Queensland for National Science Week activities from May 2 to 10.

23 April 1998

University researchers are investigating a caterpillar of a rare Queensland butterfly which appears to have the unusual ability to mimic its' host ants' odour so as to infiltrate ant nests and consume their young.

5 March 1997