Professor Debra Bernhardt and Professor Paul Hodges

Two University of Queensland researchers have joined the ranks of the nation’s top scientists after being elected to the Australian Academy of Science.

28 May 2019
One research project aims to develop crop yield prediction systems using satellite data and biophysical crop modelling. iStockphoto

University of Queensland research projects to develop better batteries for renewable energy and a way of predicting crop yields from space have been funded under a joint Queensland-China scheme.

17 October 2017
UQ's Excellence awardees 2016

Staff who have contributed to The University of Queensland’s vision of excellence have been celebrated and awarded at the 2016 UQ Awards for Excellence.

10 June 2016
AIBN has bought a $275,000 high performance parallel computer cluster to support research.

The University of Queensland is one step closer to developing better mobile phone battery life, understanding the engineering of vaccines and creating stem cell therapies for Parkinson’s disease.

22 September 2014