Professor Michael Yu is working on revolutionary termiticide products

Challenges of a modern Australia – ranging from melanoma, to termites, to degenerative disorders, reef protection and food provision – are in the sights of six UQ projects to share $4.2 million in State Government funding.

20 October 2017
Konstantinos Vavitsas is exploring the potential of cyanobacteria

Advancing research in fields as diverse as manufacturing, human health, agriculture and the protection of ecosystems will be the aim of a $13 million investment by CSIRO in which UQ features heavily.

17 August 2017
Clostridium autoethanogenum was originally discovered in rabbit droppings

The average person might struggle to get excited about bacterium found in rabbit droppings – but it’s potentially a knight in shining armour for our planet.

28 July 2017
The batteries come in a thin, flexible format

Flexible screen-printed batteries may be the way forward for renewable energy thanks to a joint project between The University of Queensland and the University of New South Wales.

24 July 2017
UQ Associate Professor Ben Hogan

Repairing damaged heart and vascular tissues will be the unique focus of a new University of Queensland research centre, established to combat cardiovascular disease.

2 May 2017
Virus-like nanoparticles are made from structural proteins.

Drugs disguised as viruses are providing new weapons in the battle against cancer, promising greater accuracy and fewer side effects than chemotherapy.

20 February 2017
UQ’s Professor John Drennan.

A minute paint sample from Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting in Amsterdam is under the microscope at The University of Queensland in Brisbane.

13 November 2014
Dr Frank Sainbury said the journal paper provided proof of the precise targeting that could be achieved by nanoemulsions.

Researchers at the University of Queensland are using nano-engineered oil droplets to target infectious diseases and cancer cells.

24 January 2014
Tim Brennan, PhD student at The University of Queensland's Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Ground-breaking Australian research on the viability of aviation biofuels has today been released, at the culmination of almost three years of work by the University of Queensland, James Cook University, The Boeing Company, Virgin Australia, Mackay...

22 May 2013
Professor Matt Trau

Researchers are working on a solution for a large number of breast cancer patients who do not respond to chemotherapy, using $5 million in new funding.

19 December 2012
UQ's Dr Amir Popat is a Young Nanoscience Ambassador and will visit schools next year to promote science and research.

Science and research are not just for doctors and professors in white lab coats, if Amir Popat has his way.

8 November 2012
Proserpine State High School student James Beckett has swapped the classroom for a cutting-edge research lab at UQ's Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.

Proserpine State High School student James Beckett has swapped the classroom and books for a cutting-edge research lab and multi-million-dollar microscopes.

7 November 2012

A University of Queensland start-up company has won the 2012 Janssen AusBiotech Emerging Company of the Year Award for its needle-free vaccine delivery system.

1 November 2012

Two University of Queensland researchers are finalists in the 2012 Scopus Young Researcher of the Year awards, to be announced at the ARMS14th annual conference at the Gold Coast on Friday, September 21.

6 September 2012

The University of Queensland’s (UQ) Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) researcher Amanda Pearce is set to compete in the finals of the Three Minute Thesis competition next month.

28 August 2012

UQ materials scientist Professor Ajayan Vinu is bringing together researchers from around the world in a bid to further work aimed at tackling pollution, new energy sources and healthcare improvements.

30 July 2012

UQ scientists are pressing ahead with development of two advanced vaccines that stand to save the Queensland cattle industry more than $340 million a year.

18 July 2012

Development of stem cell research for treating human cells damaged through injury, disease or ageing has taken a step forward in Queensland.

19 June 2012
Professor Darren Martin of UQ School of Chemical Engineering and Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.

TenasiTech Pty Ltd, a materials science start-up company from UniQuest based on University of Queensland research, has secured A$1.4 million in grants and equity capital from the Queensland Government and Uniseed

19 June 2012

An influential Chinese delegation visited The University of Queensland (UQ) today to be briefed on research into needle-free vaccine delivery technology and new energy storage and conversion opportunities.

8 June 2012