The University of Queensland (UQ) is taking part in two forums that will explore ways of strengthening cross-sector partnerships to improve the delivery of pro bono legal services to the community.

26 April 2013

People who use posters and photos to mark out their space in an open-plan office are happier at work than those who try to place barriers between themselves and their colleagues, according to a pilot study by The University of Queensland Business...

2 April 2013

The University of Queensland has welcomed a world-renowned microeconometrician from Indiana University, who is an academic leader in the field of econometrics.

4 February 2013

Research conducted by Professor Heather Douglas of The University of Queensland's TC Beirne School of Law has been used to support recommendations made in the House of Representatives Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee report on Fetal Alcohol...

3 December 2012

UQ Dean of Law Professor Gerard Carney congratulated alumnus The Hon Patrick Keane on becoming Australia’s 50th High Court judge.

22 November 2012

A new study has placed young indigenous females at the highest risk of sustaining assault-related injuries in Queensland.

4 October 2012

The University of Queensland (UQ) postgraduate students are tackling issues in the Australian tourism, hospitality and event industries after participating in innovative problem based learning with prominent industry leaders.

26 September 2012

Researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ) School of Tourism have developed a tool to gauge the “visitor experience” to allow Australia’s tourism industry to improve in quality and profitability.

16 July 2012

Two University of Queensland researchers have spent a week in Islamabad training Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in preventing and suppressing trafficking in persons and migrant smuggling.

18 June 2012

Each year thousands of Australians are affected by chronic disease.

4 June 2012

UQ School of Tourism Senior Lecturer Dr Lisa Ruhanen and graduate Ms Leonie Bowles have joined forces to research best practices in ecotourism on behalf of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

1 May 2012

What is the secret of success for small firms? Is it customer service, good marketing, staff selection or innovation?

10 February 2012

New research suggests that major growth in the travel, leisure and tourism industry in the coming century may be possible as more people begin to define recreation as a learning and educational opportunity

1 February 2012

The University of Queensland's School of Economics will host the 2012 International Schumpeter Society Conference from July 2 to July 5.

25 January 2012

University of Queensland School of Tourism lecturer Dr Richard Robinson has received international recognition for his research on the occupational mobility of chefs.

19 January 2012
UQ Chinese students Julie Wu, Jonnie Wang, Yolanda Li and Stephanie Tan

The huge growth in Chinese tourism to Australia is proving a boon not only to the economy, but also to Chinese UQ students, who are in demand as translators at a luxury island resort off Brisbane’s coast.

2 December 2011

Employee exchange programs, interpersonal training and wellness programs are the key to enhancing employee engagement, according to students at The University of Queensland.

15 November 2011

The Qantas grounding that saw 98,000 passengers disrupted and 108 aircrafts immobilised is having a negative impact on an already struggling Australian tourism industry, according to an expert from The University of Queensland.

3 November 2011

UQ research has shown that a new court model is restoring faith in the justice system for vulnerable defendants, including the homeless and those suffering from mental health difficulties.

7 October 2011

The University of Queensland Business School has been awarded a 5 star rating by Australia's most influential rating body, the GMAA (Graduate Management Association of Australia), for the seventh year in a row. It is one of only two business schools...

30 September 2011