Associate Professor Peer Schenk inspects new algae strains

An Australian biodiesel company and a UQ student research group have teamed up to produce green energy.

12 November 2010
Leonard M. Lodish, Ph.D. Vice Dean of Wharton Program for Social Impact and Leader and Co-Founder of the Wharton Global Consulting Practicum and Professor Iain Watson Academic Dean and Head of UQ Business School

University of Queensland Business School MBAs will work with their peers at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, US.

2 November 2010
Dr Shelley Dole

The University of Queensland has cemented its position as home to Australia’s best teachers, today adding three more national teaching awards to its collection.

29 September 2010
Professor Tapan Saha (second from right) with UQ's latest group of API Bursary recipients

Seven University of Queensland engineering students are set for careers in the power sector thanks to bursaries supplied by the Australia Power Institute (API).

22 September 2010

Not all lessons take place in lecture halls and tutorial rooms at The University of Queensland’s School of Tourism.

17 September 2010

After four weeks of work, UQ’s top three interprofessional teams of health students will come together to compete as part of the annual University of Queensland HealthFusion Team Challenge (UQ HFTC).

26 August 2010
Xu Ping in China

Xu Ping likes pandas so much, she is dedicating her working life to conservation, as both a researcher and an educator.

13 August 2010
Leonie Bowles

When in Spain, do as the Spanish do. It's a principle Leonie Bowles is sticking to, allowing her to immerse herself in the country's history and culture, while learning to speak the language fluently.

13 August 2010
"Dream job" winner Niquel Rhoden experiences the beauty of New Zealand up close

Nicquel Rhoden may have returned to Australia, but part of her mind is still in New Zealand, where she climbed through caves, overcame her fear of bungy jumping and even swam with sharks.

2 June 2010

Attitude and application are the most important words of advice for students seeking a successful career in hospitality, a hotel general manager has told a tourism industry summit.

29 April 2010

The University of Queensland’s Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE-UQ) will offer 100 scholarships to mark the celebration of UQ’s centenary year.

29 April 2010

A new executive board and growing interest in the UQ Tourism Students Association has given the group the confidence to aim for a doubling of its membership by the end of the year.

21 April 2010

An Australian Government pledge of $2.4 million to a University of Queensland teaching hospital ensures clinical training for at least 250 extra UQ medical and health students each year.

12 April 2010
UQ Business School has been chosen to run the Thiess leadership program

UQ Business School Corporate Education and Thiess are teaming up to enhance the leadership capability of Thiess managers.

23 February 2010
The first Laing O’Rourke cohort graduating from UQBS professional development courses

UQ Business School Downtown is proving there is power in strategic partnerships, with the first Laing O’Rourke cohort graduating from UQBS professional development courses.

23 February 2010

It may seem like a really long holiday, but Nicquel Rhoden is taking her upcoming trip as the New Zealand “dream job” winner very seriously.

18 February 2010
UQ student Ellen Cunneen (front centre) with fellow Disney World interns in Florida

UQ student Ellen Cunneen has set herself an ambitious goal: to experience every ride at Walt Disney World’s six theme parks in the next six months.

18 February 2010

A University of Queensland centre, Rangelands Australia, has become the first University-based initiative to be recognised by an Australian Rural Education Award.

19 January 2010