An international team engineers and biologists has developed a new technique that could lead to improved infection diagnosis for cystic fibrosis patients.

19 November 2013

The Andøya Rocket Range has released a statement confirming that The University of Queensland’s SCRAMSPACE project was not responsible for last week’s launch failure in Norway

23 September 2013

Have you ever seen a robot dance, play soccer, or participate in a simulated rescue exercise?

19 September 2013

The SCRAMSPACE research team is awaiting the outcomes of an investigation by the Andøya Rocket Range on the unsuccessful launch of the research experiment.

19 September 2013

Australia’s SCRAMSPACE hypersonic scramjet did not launch today, but may launch tomorrow.

16 September 2013

Australia’s SCRAMSPACE hypersonic scramjet could launch as early as Monday, with ideal weather conditions predicted.

15 September 2013
Brad Sharp, Dr Melrose Brown and Dr Michael Creagh from the SCRAMSPACE team work to finalise the payload for the upcoming launch. Credit: Donald Cook.

The six-day window to launch Australia’s SCRAMSPACE hypersonic scramjet begins on Sunday, meaning the research flight could launch any day in the week following.

12 September 2013
Dr Melrose Brown is satisfied that the carbon composite fins made the journey to Norway undamaged.

Australia’s hypersonic scramjet has arrived safe in Norway, where the team will prepare it for its 8600km/h “hypersonic swan-dive” from the edge of space.

5 September 2013
SCRAMSPACE Director Professor Russell Boyce and Technical Lead Dr Sandy Tirtey.

Australia’s hypersonic scramjet takes its first flight this week, but at a pace far slower than the eight times the speed of sound it is set to achieve in September.

28 August 2013
The SCRAMSPACE team with a smaller prototype of the 1.8m long hypersonic scramjet that will be available for public viewing on July 8 at UQ.

A rare public viewing will be Brisbane’s chance to see the SCRAMSPACE hypersonic scramjet before it faces its ultimate test – a space launch in Norway.

1 July 2013
Aaron McDowall of The University of Queensland shows off the UQnav app.

A navigation app for getting around The University of Queensland campuses has proven popular, with more than 53,000 downloads in less than three years.

27 June 2013

Have you ever wanted to dive into tropical reef research with a world-renowned marine scientist? Maybe travelling many times faster than the speed of sound interests you more?

21 May 2013
In the early stages of the scramjet's assembly, Dr Sandy Tirtey of UQ and Dr Roberto Gardi of Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA) attach winglets made of a ceramic material which will be tested on its flight in Norway this year.

An exotic ceramic material that could one day be used to build hypersonic flight craft will be hitching a ride on a free-flying scramjet flight experiment built by The University of Queensland’s SCRAMSPACE flight team.

13 March 2013