16 September 2013

Australia’s SCRAMSPACE hypersonic scramjet did not launch today, but may launch tomorrow.

The research project led by The University of Queensland is scheduled to launch between September 15 and 21, subject to weather and testing.

SCRAMSPACE Director, Professor Russell Boyce said good progress at the range had indicated a Monday launch, but a short-term period of inclement weather had put the schedule back slightly.

“We have a full week’s launch window and the weather is looking spectacular for the vast majority of the week, so I’m still confident we’ll launch in very good time,” Professor Boyce said.

“Tomorrow is looking good, so it could well be a Tuesday launch.”

The AUD $14million research project is capable of reaching speeds of 8600km/h, at which three seconds of valuable research data will be collected.

The data will give insights into hypersonic physics, hypersonic combustion, performance of materials and components, and how these vehicles will fly in future.

The SCRAMSPACE research project involves an international research team of 13 partners and sponsors (below).

For more information on the project, visit: http://hypersonics.mechmining.uq.edu.au/scramspace1

Media: Janelle Kirkland, UQ Communications, +47 4763 4282 (Norway), +61 7 3346 0561 (Australia), or j.kirkland@uq.edu.au