James Bennett received high distinctions for all of his undergraduate subjects

Keeping his options open and giving himself ample time to decide on his major finally paid off when James Bennett was awarded his University of Queensland Bachelor of Science degree this month with nothing less than a high distinction in all his...

19 December 2011

New research by Dr Brock Bastian from UQ's School of Psychology highlights the psychological processes that people engage in to reduce their discomfort over eating meat.

25 November 2011

Queensland mums-to-be have a new online and interactive tool to help them decide which birth facility suits them best.

21 November 2011
Phd candidate, Penelope Mills, in the habitat where Apiomorpha nookara was found

Third-year Biological Sciences students at The University of Queensland have applied their knowledge from the classroom to name and describe a species of gall insect; Apiomorpha nookara.

15 November 2011

Researchers from UQ’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB), Harvard University and RocheNimblegen Inc. have developed a new method for examining genetic information that reveals clues to understanding gene structure and activity in the body.

14 November 2011
Antarctic adventurer Dr Alf Howard is honoured with a special UQ Library exhibition marking his 100th birthday in 2006. Dr Anna Bemrose (right) curated the exhibition.

The achievements of the late Antarctic explorer and much-loved UQ staff member Dr Alf Howard AM have been brought to life in a new book.

1 November 2011

Deep-reef coral grows more prosperously in very little sunlight researchers at The University of Queensland and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies have found.

19 October 2011

New research by The University of Queensland and the University of Exeter has found that cyclone activity is clustered instead of random, as was previously thought, which has important long-term implications for coastal ecosystems and human...

19 October 2011

Researchers from The University of Queensland and the University of Vienna have found that the bellowing sound male koalas make can communicate their size to a potential mate.

30 September 2011

Professor Gillian Whitehouse from the School of Political Science and International Studies is set to undertake a major survey of workplace issues that affect the work and careers of Australian university employees.

26 September 2011

TRAVEL, journalism, media, shopping and “the experience of space” will be among key drivers of the post-Shuttle space travel industry, according to new international research to be presented this month.

23 September 2011

Dr Yvonne Buckley from The University of Queensland's School of Biological Sciences has collaborated with an international team of research ecologists to re-evaluate the relationship between species numbers and habitat productivity.

22 September 2011

Discovering ways to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is just another day at the office for UQ graduate David Boughey.

21 September 2011

Leading ecologist and conservation biologist Dr Shelly Lachish will join The University of Queensland and The Brisbane Institute in presenting this year’s Steve Irwin Memorial Lecture on October 4.

21 September 2011
A parasitic wasp attacks the larva of a diamondback moth

New UQ research may assist in controlling one of the world's most destructive crop pests.

14 September 2011

When researcher Dr Yan Liu from The University of Queensland recently relocated back to Brisbane, she faced a common problem – where to find an affordable home.

26 August 2011

Leading scientific journal Nature has today published two papers describing the results of biological control field trials where wild mosquito populations were manipulated to suppress dengue virus transmission.

24 August 2011
UQ researcher Dr Mara Yerkes

The heavily debated issue of individual versus collective responsibility in social welfare policy was the theme of a book launch at the UQ Art Museum today.

23 August 2011

Internationally renowned experts in international relations, political science and security studies will come together at UQ to mark the 10th anniversary of the Al Qaeda attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.

23 August 2011
Sarah Teitt (Outreach Director R2P Centre), Dr Morgan Brigg (UQ School of Political Science and International Studies), Deputy Prime Minister Solomon Islands Manasseh Maelanga, Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Matt Anderson

Following a year of UQ-led field research and workshops, a ‘Framework of Engagement’ for building peace and order in the Solomon Islands has been developed.

4 August 2011