Professor Maree Smith . . . has two game-changing pain therapies close to being available on the global market

A vaccine against cervical cancer, a global parenting program, new forms of pain relief, better yielding crops and improved medical imaging are some of many high-impact outcomes of University of Queensland research.

19 September 2013

The University of Queensland's School of Earth Sciences is celebrating the recent promotion of one of their senior staff, Associate Professor Gideon Rosenbaum.

30 January 2012
A still from the animation created by Dr David Poger and Professor Alan Mark

UQ scientists have earned their place alongside artists in a new exhibition that promotes sustainability through creative practice.

9 June 2010
Green office representative Bridget Waugh and school manager Heather Dixon from the School of Social Science, which won the 2010 Most Improved Award

Staff at The University of Queensland are embracing the green office culture, with 87 volunteers promoting environmental practices and awareness across all four campuses.

4 June 2010

Farming kangaroos is an issue most Australians would rather hop away from, but an upcoming UQ seminar will explore why it might be time to revisit the debate.

27 May 2010

Marine science, climate change, and the impact of humans on the environment are explored in five new artworks installed at The University of Queensland's Moreton Bay Research Station.

22 April 2010