Professor Craig Franklin measuring pH in a tributary of the Wenlock River, on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in northern Queensland.

Scientists have been startled to discover unique ecosystems of fauna and flora thriving around highly acidic springs in far north Queensland.

21 December 2010
David LaMotte. Image: Johnno Chen

Recent UQ graduate and former Rotary World Peace Fellow David LaMotte has been appointed to a prestigious committee that selects Nobel Peace Prize nominees.

21 December 2010

Browsing the news, checking emails and eating breakfast are early morning priorities for many people. But not Professor Craig Franklin. The first thing he does at home in Brisbane each day is check on the whereabouts of 13 estuarine crocodiles,...

17 December 2010
Ernest Tee, from Malayasia, completed his honours project at UQ’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) and will graduate first in his class with a grade point average of 7.0 – a perfect score.

A student who used his honours year to investigate a potential drug to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria has been named The University of Queensland’s (UQ) Valedictorian for the Bachelor of Science degree.

16 December 2010
Hypothesised reconstruction of the large Lark Quarry track-maker. Illustration by Anthony Romilio, The University of Queensland.

Doubt has been cast over the only known piece of evidence that large carnivorous dinosaurs once roamed Australia, following new research by The University of Queensland (UQ).

16 December 2010
Dr Noritta Morseu-Diop is the first Torres Strait Islander PhD graduate from The University of Queensland. Photo courtesy of The Courier-Mail.

When Dr Noritta Morseu-Diop is awarded her degree today she will become the first Torres Strait Islander PhD graduate from The University of Queensland (UQ).

13 December 2010
Selena Uibo

For UQ graduand Selena Uibo, giving back is her driving force.

13 December 2010
UQ student Sebastian Thomas, who has received a Prime Minister's Australia Asia Award to work on climate change policy in Borneo

Blue Carbon projects in Borneo, better support for parents of children with autism, and Australia's relationship with China are UQ research projects to be explored in 2011, thanks to scholarships awarded by the Prime Minister.

8 December 2010

The environmental scientist whose work on dioxins last year prompted governments around the world to suspend the use of some pesticides says there is more to the problem and authorities need to act urgently.

6 December 2010

The University of Queensland’s (UQ) new Native Wildlife Teaching and Research Facility will provide a valuable research and training facility at UQ’s Gatton campus.

6 December 2010
Jo Sampford with Dr Jose Ramos-Horta

International Relations student Jo Sampford never guessed that attending a small Tuesday-night Oxfam forum in Brisbane would lead to working in the office of Timorese President and Nobel Peace Laureate Dr Jose Ramos-Horta.

6 December 2010

A UQ PhD scholarship is on offer for an outstanding student interested in Indigenous policy.

6 December 2010
Playing football in Ghana

Playing Djembe and football with some Ghanaian friends was an enjoyable part of Charles Hunt's recent research trip to West Africa.

6 December 2010

A form of spinal arthritis is genetically linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, researchers at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute in Brisbane, Australia, have found.

3 December 2010

The University of Queensland (UQ) has signed a five-year, $2.5 million industry partnership agreement to design and deliver world-class class geosciences research, education and training programs.

3 December 2010

Researchers at The University of Queensland have a powerful new tool to help reveal the extent of environmental and human exposure to harmful contaminants.

2 December 2010

Groundbreaking research into nanotechnology and advanced polymers will be accelerated with $3.6 million in infrastructure funding awarded to The University of Queensland (UQ) today.

1 December 2010
Honey bees have taught researchers how to guide planes through complex manoeuvres

Australian scientists have developed a novel autopilot that guides aircraft through complex aerobatic manoeuvres by watching the horizon like a honey bee.

1 December 2010
UQ maths summer scholars Jessica Chan and Trent Spears

Two UQ maths students will be working to solve real-world problems after being awarded prestigious summer scholarships.

29 November 2010

The University of Queensland and its main research commercialisation company, UniQuest, congratulate Triple P International on the opening of Australia’s first dedicated Triple P parenting centre in Brisbane this week.

26 November 2010