6 December 2010

A UQ PhD scholarship is on offer for an outstanding student interested in Indigenous policy.

Commencing in early 2011, the scholarship recipient will be located in the School of Political Science and International Studies and supervised by Associate Professor Katharine Gelber.

The PhD project is a component of an ARC-funded Linkage Project into "Democratic Dialogue and Capabilities: New Opportunities in Post-Reconciliation Australia".

Chief Investigators on the project are Professor Patrick Dodson , Associate Professor Sarah Maddison and Associate Professor Katharine Gelber.

Partner organisations are the Benevolent Society and Reos Partners.

"It is an exciting project that offers the student an opportunity to undertake research into the development of Indigenous policy in Australia," Dr Gelber said.

Dr Gelber, who is currently a Visiting Fellow in the School, will commence her role as Reader in Public Policy in 2011.

Previously at the University of NSW, Dr Gelber is President of the Australian Political Science Association and the recipient of several ARC grants.

In 2009, she presented the Mitchell Oration in Adelaide on the topic of "freedom of speech and its limits".

She has worked in the field of human rights for many years, with a particular interest in freedom of expression and the regulation of hate speech.

"I am looking forward to commencing my position at UQ and working with the staff and students in the School of Political Science and International Studies," she said.

"I chose to come to UQ because of the excellent people in the school, as well as the reputation of the University as a milieu of excellence in scholarship.

"My family is also really enjoying living in Brisbane, which we are finding a very comfortable and easy city to live in."

Head of School, Professor Gillian Whitehouse, said Dr Gelber worked in an important and interesting field of research.

"This scholarship provides a wonderful opportunity to expand the School's research activity in the area of indigenous policy," she said.

The deadline for applications is February 1, 2011. For details about the Scholarship, please visit www.uq.edu.au/polsis or email k.gelber@uq.edu.au.