With every third marriage in Australia ending in divorce, the secrets to a happy marriage continue to elude many couples. But not for much longer with University of Queensland researchers on the case.

22 December 2011
Hybrid black tip shark containing both Common and Australian black tip DNA.

A group of leading marine scientists has discovered that sharks on Australia's east coast display a mysterious tendency to interbreed, challenging several accepted scientific theories regarding shark behaviour.

22 December 2011
The first female Professor of Chemistry in Queensland, Mary Garson

The first female Professor of Chemistry in Queensland, Mary Garson, has been awarded the Royal Australian Chemical Institute's prestigious Leighton Memorial Medal in recognition of her valuable contributions and leadership to the chemistry community...

21 December 2011

Jenny Max, a University of Queensland Masters of Communication (Communication for Social Change) student, has received a Prime Minister's Pacific-Australia (PMPA) Award in recognition of her leadership potential and academic achievements.

20 December 2011
"The Galaxy And The Quasar". Source: NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Collection

UQ astrophysicist Dr Tamara Davis, together with researchers from Denmark, has earned 4th spot on Physics World magazine’s top 10 scientific breakthroughs in 2011, for developing a groundbreaking method to measure cosmic distances in the universe...

19 December 2011
James Bennett received high distinctions for all of his undergraduate subjects

Keeping his options open and giving himself ample time to decide on his major finally paid off when James Bennett was awarded his University of Queensland Bachelor of Science degree this month with nothing less than a high distinction in all his...

19 December 2011
Project chief investigators (left to right) Professor Boreham, A/Professor Geoff Dow, A/Professor Warren Lafffan and Professor Mark Western

UQ's Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) released findings of a major, three-year longitudinal study of 4000 Queenslanders on their social wellbeing by region, gender and age at a symposium last week.

15 December 2011

A University of Queensland mathematician has been awarded the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia (CMSA) Medal, recognising her leadership and valuable contributions in combinatorics research.

14 December 2011
2011 Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Award winner Dr Tamara Davis (right) with Queensland Premier Anna Bligh

Three talented UQ scientists who share a passion to share their research with the wider community have been named winners at the 2011 Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.

8 December 2011

An archaeologist from The University of Queensland is part of a team led by Professor Sue O’Connor (ANU) that reported one of the world's oldest pieces of evidence of deep-sea fishing in the journal Science, showing that 42,000 years ago, our...

8 December 2011

Mr Kerry O’Brien has been recognised variously as Australia's pre-eminent television journalist; one of the country’s most respected journalists; one of the best and most formidable interviewers.

5 December 2011
Bobby Whitfield will become UQ's first masters graduate from Liberia at a ceremony on December 8

Next week Bobby Whitfield will become the first former Liberian refugee to have completed a master’s degree at The University of Queensland.

2 December 2011

A University of Queensland biological researcher has led the Moreton Bay release of four turtles that suffered starvation and illness from the January floods.

1 December 2011

A UQ statistician has won a prestigious international award for his influential contributions to the fields of classification, statistical learning and pattern recognition.

29 November 2011

Today, MontroseAccess, in partnership with The University of Queensland (UQ), announced a major new initiative which is set to benefit children with disabilities worldwide.

29 November 2011

New research by Dr Brock Bastian from UQ's School of Psychology highlights the psychological processes that people engage in to reduce their discomfort over eating meat.

25 November 2011

The University of Queensland's School of Political Science and International Studies has been admitted into the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) as its newest and only full member in Australia.

24 November 2011

Queensland mums-to-be have a new online and interactive tool to help them decide which birth facility suits them best.

21 November 2011

The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences celebrated the outstanding achievements of its top teachers at its annual faculty Teaching and Learning Awards ceremony late last month.

16 November 2011

University of Queensland researchers from the School of Human Movement Studies have together scooped four of the fourteen prestigious 2011 Australian Sports Medicine Federation Fellows Awards (ASMF Fellow Awards).

16 November 2011