UQ OP Results Advice Night is on Monday 22 December from 4 to 7pm.

Brisbane business management student Natasha Shami credits last year’s University of Queensland OP Results Advice Night for her smooth transition from high school to a degree she loves.

19 December 2014
Carly will graduate with a Masters of Philosophy on Saturday 20 December.

Dr Carly Fox realised a lifelong dream when she graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine in 2008.

19 December 2014

A University of Queensland student will cut off her ponytail and shave her head to raise awareness and money for research into autoimmune disease.

16 December 2014

Indigenous communities have benefited from the research of two University of Queensland Research Higher Degree students graduating this weekend.

12 December 2014
The green tree frog (Litoria caerulea) is an ectotherm which relies on the external environment to regulate its body temperature. Photo: Ed Meyer

Animals that regulate their body temperature through the external environment may be resilient to some climate change but not keep pace with rapid change, leading to potentially disastrous outcomes for biodiversity.

10 December 2014
Crested Tern with chick (Sterna bergii): Photo Stuart Cohen/Office of Environment and Heritage

A University of Queensland researcher has led the development of an International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) green list of the world’s best-managed protected areas.

10 December 2014
David Malouf ... won a Queensland Literary Award

Two University of Queensland Press authors ​ – Gabrielle Carey and David Malouf – won significant Australian literary prizes last night.

9 December 2014
The Wiki team with Queensland Premier Campbell Newman.

Researchers at The University of Queensland have won two Queensland Premier Awards for Open Data for a web application that could assist residents in receiving real-time snapshots of damage inflicted by extreme weather events.

4 December 2014
Triple P founder Matt Sanders says the findings are remarkable

An independent evaluation of The University of Queensland’s Triple P − Positive Parenting Program has concluded that Triple P can improve the wellbeing of families across an entire community.

1 December 2014
Mr Hawke ... "the international politics of Asia are being transformed"

Australia is just beginning to gain a deep understanding of China, according to former Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

26 November 2014

Staff recruitment and retention are an ongoing challenge for employers. Proponents of big data in the workplace are now claiming they can change that.

24 November 2014

Last week brought the latest instalment in the continuing Australian financial planning industry saga. Senators Jacqui Lambie and Ricky Muir blocked the Abbott government’s rollback of some of Labor’s Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms.

24 November 2014

Escalating confrontations in Jerusalem centred on the al-Aqsa Mosque, 1500 more homes to be built in settlements in occupied East Jerusalem and a sharp deterioration in Israel’s relations with Jordan have yet again raised many questions about the...

21 November 2014
White blood cells, pictured, are produced by specific stem cells that are damaged during chemotherapy. Source: iStock.

Deadly infections that can follow chemotherapy are the target of a landmark licensing deal between The University of Queensland and a United States-based biotech company.

19 November 2014
Mr Hosam Zowawi, a PhD student at the UQ Centre for Clinical Research, received a Young Laureates of Rolex award at London’s Royal Society.

A commitment to protecting the world from the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has led to a University of Queensland student receiving a Rolex Award for Enterprise.

18 November 2014
UQ’s Professor John Drennan.

A minute paint sample from Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting in Amsterdam is under the microscope at The University of Queensland in Brisbane.

13 November 2014

As the Kurdish town of Kobane continues to defy Islamic State (IS) forces, many pundits have condemned Turkey’s unwillingness to help the People’s Protection Units (YPG) keep the forces of “evil” at bay.

13 November 2014
Initial research suggests if your grandparents were obese, you have a greater chance of being obese as well. Photo: iStock

A University of Queensland study is one of the world’s first to investigate whether obesity and chronic diseases can be passed down three generations.

10 November 2014

In a playful rhetorical flourish at the Sydney Town Hall on Wednesday, Indigenous leader Noel Pearson monumentalised Gough Whitlam’s prime ministerial legacy, Monty Python-style: What did the Romans ever do for us?

10 November 2014
Professor Ward ... has made significant contributions to cancer research

Renowned cancer researcher Professor Robyn Ward today takes up her role as The University of Queensland’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

10 November 2014