Learn the facts and skills to manage your own blood pressure at a free public talk delivered by leading hypertension specialists from The University of Queensland.

26 August 2013

A new University of Queensland program aimed at changing the lives of people who experience language difficulties after stroke will be trialled in South East Queensland major hospitals.

20 August 2013

Healthcare will soon be more accessible for more Australians, thanks to a $2.5 million Federal Government grant to The University of Queensland to advance telehealth research.

19 August 2013
The Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH) Academic and Research Facility is nearing completion and is set to make the state a world leader in paediatric research.

A new research facility to place Queensland at the forefront of international paediatric research in Australia is one step closer with the building reaching street level today.

1 August 2013

Alarming research from The University of Queensland has found young ex-prisoners are at much higher risk of early death than their peers in the community.

31 July 2013

A large international study led by the Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine at The University of Queensland suggests that emergency departments should focus their attention on the needs of frail older people.

22 July 2013

Former tennis pro Karen Stewart-Smith has aced her studies to be named valedictorian of her class at her mid-year graduation ceremony on Friday at The University of Queensland.

17 July 2013

University of Queensland researchers warn the Middle East Gulf States are facing a rapid growth in superbugs due to the overuse of antibiotics, poor hand-hygiene in hospitals and medical tourism.

16 July 2013

A University of Queensland expert has helped shape the development of Australia’s national Health and Physical Education curriculum with work to standardise content and achievement guidelines.

10 July 2013

Health programs for women planning a pregnancy will be improved thanks to a joint appointment by the University of Queensland and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

28 June 2013
The SCRIPT team: School of Pharmacy: Ms Jacqueline Bond, Ms Leigh McKauge, A/Prof Kathryn Steadman and A/Prof Lynne Emmerton (formerly at UQ) and ICTE-UQ:  Ms Michele Feinberg, Ms Alex Rossi, Ms Marg Cannell and TEDI: Dr Wendy Green, Ms Terrilyn Sweep.

The University of Queensland has started a program to help international pharmacy students understand Australian language and culture.

21 June 2013

Thousands of Australians suffer communication and swallowing disorders for various medical reasons that make the field of speech pathology more complex than ever before.

21 June 2013

A researcher from The University of Queensland presented at an ethical meeting for the Pope to persuade governments to provide substantial resources to improve the health and wellbeing of people with an intellectual disability.

12 June 2013

A study of hospital admissions in one of Australia’s favourite holiday destinations has shown no reduction in alcohol-related harm since the tax increase on alcopops.

6 June 2013

Adults suffering from asbestos-related diseases are needed to participate in a University of Queensland study on the role nutrition plays in the quality of life for patients diagnosed with asbestosis or mesothelioma.

3 June 2013

University of Queensland student Tom McTaggart will travel to Lithuania in August to represent Australia in the Junior World Rowing Championships.

29 May 2013
Innovative pulse-reading technology is at the centre of UQ's blood pressure study to reduce cardiovascular disease.

In a world-first study, researchers from The University of Queensland are using innovative pulse-reading technology to measure blood pressure to reduce cardiovascular disease.

28 May 2013
Joyce Ramos helps Karen O'Brien work the treadmill controls

Short bursts of high-intensity exercise could be a one-stop solution for many health problems.

28 May 2013

Research from The University of Queensland has reconfirmed oily fish or fish supplements are vital for heart health and debunked popular myths about coconut oil.

27 May 2013
A new customised chart can provide better information about a growing fetus

A new way of interpreting information from a low-tech, age-old method used in pregnancy care is expected to more accurately identify potential health issues for mothers and babies.

24 May 2013