Professor Paul Meredith ... "a game-changing project forAustralia"

The University of Queensland has signed a contract with First Solar (Australia) Pty Ltd for the construction of a solar photovoltaic research facility at Gatton.

23 October 2013

Australia’s SCRAMSPACE hypersonic scramjet did not launch today, but may launch tomorrow.

16 September 2013

Australia’s SCRAMSPACE hypersonic scramjet could launch as early as Monday, with ideal weather conditions predicted.

15 September 2013
Dr Melrose Brown is satisfied that the carbon composite fins made the journey to Norway undamaged.

Australia’s hypersonic scramjet has arrived safe in Norway, where the team will prepare it for its 8600km/h “hypersonic swan-dive” from the edge of space.

5 September 2013
SCRAMSPACE Director Professor Russell Boyce and Technical Lead Dr Sandy Tirtey.

Australia’s hypersonic scramjet takes its first flight this week, but at a pace far slower than the eight times the speed of sound it is set to achieve in September.

28 August 2013

The University of Queensland has announced the establishment of its Indonesian office to support research, education and alumni activities and increase engagement with industry partners.

12 June 2013

Australia has maintained its overall ranking at eighth position in the second annual Universitas 21 assessment, which compares the quality of higher education systems in 50 countries.

9 May 2013

The latest in world-class mining solutions will be offered directly to the Latin American region, with the establishment of a new office in Santiago, Chile.

26 April 2013

El establecimiento de una nueva oficina en Santiago ofrecerá directamente a la región de América Latina lo último en soluciones de minería de clase mundial.

26 April 2013
Aerial image of the Solomon Islands

The University of Queensland has joined industry partners in a program designed to help ensure a major mining project takes account of the needs of Solomon Islands communities and the environment.

3 April 2013