University of Queensland palaeontologist Dr Gilbert Price has been named the 2013 Queensland Tall Poppy of the Year.

21 November 2013

The University of Queensland is playing a part in a clinical trial of the only known effective treatment for humans exposed to Hendra virus.

1 November 2013

Australia’s first in situ sectioning electron microscope is helping researchers at The University of Queensland gain insights into diabetes and liver disease.

30 October 2013
Professor Maree Smith . . . has two game-changing pain therapies close to being available on the global market

A vaccine against cervical cancer, a global parenting program, new forms of pain relief, better yielding crops and improved medical imaging are some of many high-impact outcomes of University of Queensland research.

19 September 2013

Medical student Jiang He is part of an emerging link between his Chinese university and The University of Queensland.

18 September 2013

Seven researchers from The University of Queensland have been shortlisted for this year’s Australian Women in Technology (WiT) Awards.

29 August 2013
CSIRO Office of the Chief Executive Science Leader Professor Justin Cooper-White.

Research into next-generation biomaterials that can help the human body regenerate and repair tissue will be boosted through a prestigious appointment by CSIRO.

28 June 2013
Tim Brennan, PhD student at The University of Queensland's Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Ground-breaking Australian research on the viability of aviation biofuels has today been released, at the culmination of almost three years of work by the University of Queensland, James Cook University, The Boeing Company, Virgin Australia, Mackay...

22 May 2013
All set for Clean Up Australia Day are, from left, Professor John Dorgan, Professor  Peter Halley and Professor Joe Greene.

Researcher to get hands dirty in the name of going green

21 February 2013

Research into repairing diseased tissues in Australia will be boosted by the addition of a visiting American scholar.

5 February 2013

Body tissue engineer Jess Frith will determine the role of specific molecules in cell development in world-first research, with plans to use the knowledge to repair bones and cartilage.

4 February 2013