Professor Luiz Costa Lima, of Pontifícia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro, will present a public lecture and feature in a one-day symposium at UQ this week.

10 November 2011

This year has seen a significant increase in the number of students studying a language at The University of Queensland – skyrocketing to over 3,500 enrolments.

31 October 2011
Family celebration: Naomi Smith shares her graduation day with her daughters, Chiara (5), and Allegra (2).

In an age where employers are increasingly looking for staff with postgraduate level professional qualifications, Naomi Smith, is giving herself the best chance for a successful career.

22 July 2011

What started as Donna McDonald’s pursuit for personal knowledge became a desire to have people listen to her.

22 July 2011

War, Shakespeare, Frankenstein, MasterChef, Royal wedding fashions, Toy Story and James Bond will be discussed at a popular culture conference beginning this week in Auckland.

27 June 2011

Mothers’ Day is just around the corner but an upcoming conference at UQ next week will be looking at more than what gifts mums want.

20 April 2011

Reports this week that celebrities are earning up to $10,000 per tweet on Micro-blogging site Twitter has caught the attention of ordinary social media users who are now asking how they can make money too.

9 March 2011

One of Australia’s leading scholars will discuss how the humanities are fighting for survival at a UQ public lecture next week.

6 October 2010

Lollies, zombies and serial killers, ginger beer, tea and restaurant critics will all come under the spotlight at the first PopCAANZ (Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand) conference in Sydney this week.

29 June 2010

What happens when wars end and the fighting men and women return?

22 April 2010

A University of Queensland researcher is continuing a life’s passion, bringing medieval literary treasures to contemporary readers.

4 January 2010

Three University of Queensland academics are among the successful recipients of The Australian Academy of Humanities grants funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

17 December 2009

Going back to study as a mature-age student can be difficult for most people, but try doing it with a broken back.

11 December 2009

Graduating PhD student Caroline Heim may be a theatre expert, but she’s often more interested in observing what happens off the stage than on it.

4 December 2009

University of Queensland student Mariko Senoo hopes to use her translation and interpreting skills to help international companies communicate across different languages.

4 December 2009

The lights were low. The music was loud. Song lyrics were displayed on large screens around the room.

2 December 2009

Researchers from The University of Queensland will speed up their effort to develop new drugs thanks to the latest round of Federal Government funding.

2 December 2009

Fiona Mew wants you to think long and hard about the bottle of water you probably have sitting on your desk.

2 December 2009

The University of Queensland's launch of - a database of all major settlements in Queensland — will be held at the University's St Lucia campus on Monday, December 7.

1 December 2009

Maverick artist and art dealer Mr Ray Hughes has been a remarkable figure in the Australian art scene for four decades.

30 November 2009