17 December 2009

Three University of Queensland academics are among the successful recipients of The Australian Academy of Humanities grants funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

The successful projects highlight the diversity of humanities research in Australia, the
international scope and the collaborative nature of much of the work in the sector.

UQ recipients announced today are: Dr Michael Ure, University of Queensland Centre for the History of European Discourses The Politics of Compassion
This fellowship assists Dr Ure to contribute to the development and consolidation of
nascent international research networks focused on the politics and the philosophy of
the emotions. Dr Ure will also continue to work on building a broader ongoing
research cluster with significant UK scholars working in the field of European

Dr Heather Wolffram, University of Queensland Centre for the History of European Discourses Developing international networks in the History of Psychiatry
This fellowship assists Dr Wolffram’s efforts to forge a strong research network
between scholars at the University of Queensland and the University of Edinburgh
working on the history of psychiatry. This field of research is currently
underdeveloped in Australia but is a major component of history of science and
history of medicine programmes at both American and European universities. This
highly interdisciplinary research field attracts scholars from the humanities, the
social and behavioural sciences and medicine, and contributes to a better
understanding of issues surrounding mental health. Dr Wolffram’s fellowship also
provides an opportunity for her to help establish an international network of scholars
working on the history of psychiatry.

Dr James Smith, University of Queensland School of English, Media Studies and Art History The development of new projects, links and networks with British modernist

Dr Smith will travel to the UK to forge links with leading researchers and
institutions involved in the field of modernist studies. He aims to develop firm links
between the Australian Modernist Studies Network and the British Association for
Modernist Studies and pave the way for future scholarly exchanges, joint
conferences and symposiums, and research initiatives.

For MORE INFORMATION and MEDIA ENQUIRIES, please contact the Academy
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