• UQ’s Dr Jason Tangen (centre) with Sergeant Kristine Nedwich and Acting Inspector Duncan McCarthy of the Queensland Police Service Forensic Services Branch

    Funding to create forensic expertise

    A group of universities and law enforcement agencies has received a funding boost from the Australian Government to train the next generation of forensic experts.

    15 June 2018
  • UQ researchers Dr Taras Plakhotnik, Associate Professor Claudia Vickers, Professor Kirill Alexandrov

    UQ scientists win $4.4 million in research grants

    University of Queensland researchers have topped the nation in the 2018 round of Human Frontier Science Program research funding awards.

    20 April 2018
  • UQ was awarded the second highest number of Discovery Project grants among universities across Australia, underscoring its position as a research powerhouse

    $32m boost for UQ research

    University of Queensland researchers have been awarded $32 million for work designed to create positive change across science, health, engineering and the humanities.

    10 November 2017
Screening for bacteria just got speedier

Chicken meat and other foods will be able to be screened for bacteria even faster and more effectively than ever, thanks to breakthrough nanobiotechnology research.

14 January 2013

Papilloma virus infections and superbug tuberculosis strains will come under renewed attack, after the federal government today agreed to support two University of Queensland research projects.

18 December 2012
Massimo Damiani, 3, with his dad Stephen ... Massimo's genome has been analysed to help better understand leukodystrophy

A University of Queensland researcher has been awarded an $85,000 grant to identify the genes that underlie rare paediatric brain disorders.

23 November 2012
UQ researchers discover the Australian and Asian beaked sea snakes are two unrelated species despite the snakes identical appearances.

Scientists have discovered that the lethal beaked sea snake is actually two species with separate evolutions, which resulted in identical snakes.

19 November 2012

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Queensland was awarded 1.63 Million by the Australian Research Council recently, to help fund research projects that investigate media transformation in Australia, early musical development, plastic packaging...

16 November 2012

The University of Queensland has led the nation in the latest round of funding from the Australian Research Council that will enable research into areas such as aerial robotics, drug and alcohol services for Indigenous people, and preparing...

6 November 2012

The University of Queensland has received over $3million to boost tuberculosis research from the TB Sailors’, Soldiers’ & Airmen's Association of Queensland (TB Association), this week.

2 November 2012

A project based at The University of Queensland is helping women who have survived breast cancer to lose weight and live healthier, longer lives.

26 October 2012
DVD cover of The Magic Glasses, which aims to improve child health in China and the Philippines

Almost $1.5 million in funding has been awarded to researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ) who are working to reduce one of the world’s most common chronic infections.

25 October 2012

Research funding for universities plays a key role in the fight against global social problems such as disease and climate change, and today’s reductions will severely impact solutions and the prosperity needed to fund those, according to The...

22 October 2012

The University of Queensland was today awarded more than $51 million in National Health and Medical Research Council grants that will fund research projects investigating health issues such as cystic fibrosis, respiratory illness in Indigenous...

19 October 2012

Researchers at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute and their international collaborators will continue unravelling the mechanisms underlying a particular type of early-onset arthritis, thanks to a multi-million dollar grant.

5 October 2012
Dr Da-Wei Wang's work on prolonging battery life has won him a Research Excellence Award from The University of Queensland (UQ).

A Queensland researcher, who is developing high-energy batteries that can keep smartphones charged longer, has won a Research Excellence Award from The University of Queensland (UQ).

20 September 2012

The Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) at The University of Queensland has secured $2 million in research funding from the estate of Clem Jones, prompting advocacy group Alzheimer’s Australia to call on the Federal Government to follow their lead.

20 August 2012
Professor Ranjeny Thomas of the UQ Diamantina Institute has been named a finalist in the GlaxoSmithKline Awards for Research Excellence.

Two researchers from The University of Queensland have been named finalists in one of Australia’s longest running and most prestigious medical research awards: the GlaxoSmithKline Awards for Research Excellence.

31 July 2012