Adjunct Professor Ralph Summy in the Great Court at UQ's St Lucia campus

A founding professor of UQ’s Peace and Conflict Studies will be honoured on the 2017 International Day of Peace.

19 September 2017
One step closer to securing the series title. Credit: Sportography

The UQ female rugby union team has extended its lead in the Aon Uni 7s Series after winning its third-consecutive tournament.

18 September 2017
Entrepreneurs and mentors discussing ideas at MentorBlaze

Aspiring entrepreneurs had the opportunity to challenge their startup ideas with experienced business and industry mentors at the MentorBlaze9 event at The University of Queensland.

15 September 2017
Heightened levels of inconsistent sleep are unfavourable for athletes wanting to perform at their optimum. Credit: Sergio Montenegro

Junior rugby league players go to bed later than their senior counterparts and are therefore at risk of burning the candle at both ends if this isn’t considered in their routine.

15 September 2017

A senior medical ethicist from The University of Queensland has authored a book which aims to reverse the culture of avoidance and silence about death.

15 September 2017
Professor Hall calls for "rigorous evaluation"

The future of international drug control treaties is in question because of recent treaty-violating decisions to legalise non-medical cannabis use in Canada, the United States and Uruguay.

14 September 2017
Milan Gandhi

An “exceptional” UQ student who founded his own not-for-profit organisation received a perfect score at the 2017 Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards.

12 September 2017
A total of 7280 bacterial and 623 archaeal genomes were obtained

A remarkable effort from UQ researchers has helped increase the number of known genomes by almost 10 per cent.

12 September 2017
Divers collect dead coral. (Credit S Dalton)

Extensive loss of branching corals and changes in coral community structure in Australia’s Palm Islands region over the past century has been revealed in a new study.

12 September 2017
Nautical chart from the Florida Keys, 1775

Centuries-old nautical charts, mapped by long-deceased sailors to avoid shipwrecks, have been used by modern scientists to study loss of coral reefs.

7 September 2017
Seagrass and adjacent land in Palau (Photo by Mark Priest)

Marine restoration, rather than protection, might be the most cost-effective solution for coastal marine ecosystems suffering from human activities, a new study has found.

7 September 2017
UQ has consistently ranked inside the top 70 global institutions

UQ has maintained a position within the top echelons of research institutions in the world, according to the latest Times Higher Education University Ranking.

6 September 2017
UQ’s Brianne Rossato in action (Credit: ARU Media/Karen Watson)

UQ Aon Uni 7s Series coach Reg Tayler has called on his unbeaten side to maintain its focus at this weekend’s second round (9-10 September) in Sydney.

6 September 2017
Professor Neena Mitter (right) with her WiT Life Sciences Outstanding Award, presented by Frances Eden Director HiQ and Library Services at QUT.

Five academics from The University of Queensland have been recognised and celebrated for their outstanding achievements at this year’s Women in Technology (WiT) gala awards.

5 September 2017
Judo House Part 6 (The White Bird) by Nigel Milsom

Almost four centuries after its creation, Gian Lorenzo Bernini's Ecstasy of Saint Teresa (1647–52) has inspired a new exhibition opening at UQ Art Museum on 16 September.

5 September 2017
The research aims to reduce the frequency of tripping and injuries

A device to measure foot control is being trialled to improve walking ability for adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy.

5 September 2017
Vital clues may be disrupted between the feet and brain for people with diabetes

Shoe insoles are being trialled to improve balance, walking and physical activity in adults with type 2 diabetes and associated foot nerve damage.

1 September 2017
The risk of suicidal thoughts was five or six times higher in children aged under 12 who had experienced psychosis

Otherwise healthy people who have experienced hallucinations or delusions are more likely to have later suicidal thoughts or attempts, a new international study has found. The UQ research found that having a psychotic experience doubled the risk of...

31 August 2017

Bridging the knowledge gap between higher education and the workplace is the focus of The University of Queensland’s new Business Leadership MicroMasters program.

30 August 2017